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Hundreds of Sanders Delegates Walk Off Convention Floor in Protest of Rigged Election

Posted: 27 Jul 2016 06:36 PM PDT

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The historic night marking the first nomination of a woman on a major party’s presidential ticket was not without protest. We speak to some of the hundreds of Bernie Sanders delegates who walked out of the Democratic National Convention soon after her former challenger asked to award her the nomination. "They did not listen to the people," said Felicia Teter, a New Hampshire delegate. "They did not just ignore us, but they fought against us."
 The Weeping Eagle.

DNC Resorts to White Noise Machines to Drown Out Bernie Delegates During Hillary’s Speech

Not only is the DNC paying people $50 a day to cheer for Hillary, and blocking off seats with “reserved” signs and not allowing Sanders delegates into the convention so Hillary delegates can go in first and reserve seats for the people the DNC is paying to cheer for Hillary around the Bernie areas so Bernie delegates have nowhere to sit, but apparently they even went so far as to install white noise machines above the pro-Bernie states so their cheers and chants would be blocked during Hillary’s speech.
Here’s a Bernie delegate’s report from the floor highlighting the fact that these speakers weren’t up above the sections Wednesday and they were put up specifically above the states that are pro-Bernie:

DNC advertises on CraigsList for 700 actors to fill empty Convention seats

by Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn | July 29, 2016 at 4:07 am | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

On the night of July 26, 2016, the second day of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, an ad was placed on Philadelphia Craig’s List asking for “700 actors” to fill empty seats in the DNC.
The reason for the empty seats?
In the words of the DNC ad, because “we are currently removing a number of people”, no doubt Bernie Sanders supporters.
Although the ad was since taken down, here’s a screenshot of the ad as proof (h/t Gateway Pundit). I added the red underlining for emphasis.
DNC CraigsList ad1DNC CraigsList ad1
And here’s a screenshot from MSNBC’s live coverage of the convention, showing many empty seats on Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention:
empty seats on day 3 of 2016 Democratic National Convention
As you saw for yourself, the ad explicitly said the people hired are to be “actors” who “will be required to cheer at all times”.
According to a July 27 tweet by Gateway Pundit‘s tipster, John Binderthe DNC also advertised for racial minorities to hold up Hillary signs at the convention:
CraigsList ad for racial minorities at DNC
Reporting from Philadelphia, independent investigative journalist Wayne Madsen observed yet another DNC fakery and hypocrisy — their indifference to the plight of disabled delegates:
Many of Monday night’s speeches at the convention were aimed at showcasing the Democratic Party’s commitment to disabled Americans. This editor, however, passed a number of Democratic delegates who were making the long two-mile odyssey from Oregon Avenue to the convention arena. Some were in motorized wheelchairs and one man with a leg problem was on a scooter. One lady suffering from some sort of paralysis was struggling on crutches. Some Democratic commitment to the disabled!”
It’s all theater, folks! –as fake as Hillary Clintonpathological liar.
And as fake as these Democrats:
liberals are fakes

Bernie Sanders Delegate: DNC replacing us with Paid Seat Fillers to Fake Unity

Tim Brown | July 29, 2016 at 4:23 am | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

Bernie Sanders supporter put out a video in which he claims the Democratic National Committee is paying people to fill seats which were abandoned by Sanders supporters in protest in order to create the appearance of fake unity around Hillary Clinton.
Prior to his video, the delegate said that Sanders’ supporters had been protesting. Without making specific allegations which he said he could not back up, he did tell viewers that seat fillers were at the convention.
“Every seat in the house is full – so those seat fillers you guys were hearing about? It’s real, they’re in here now,” he said.
The delegate said that he had not previously seen many of these people at the convention. So, where are they coming from? Probably the same place and means Hillary Clinton got her Twitter followers... money.
Why are all the convention people now cheering in unity and applauding everything? My guess is that they are bought and paid for, but some of it is another reason which this delegate points out.
“It’s because the Bernie people aren’t here and the people that are here are getting paid to sit in their seats and clap their hands,” he said.
He also said that attendees are being blocked from getting back in if they leave their seat, including going to the bathroom.
“My guess is that’s because a seat filler is in your seat and the optics of everyone having to shift and stand and move is not something they want to see,” he said. “There are people in that hall who are being represented in the media as Bernie Sanders people and they are not – don’t believe what you see on TV.”
“There are a lot of people here who aren’t delegates who are standing and cheering and clapping for somebody that we aren’t ready to believe in,” he concluded.
He also promises to hold the DNC accountable, something that I think will take a lot more than just one man. In fact, remember this guy’s face, as he may very well be in the newspaper obituaries soon.
In case people think this guy is blowing hot air, check out this video of a man who admitted to being a seat filler.
All of this actually reminds me of the 2012 RNC where similar tactics were used to put forth the propaganda of unity around Mitt Romney.
Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

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