Thursday, July 28, 2016


Submitted by: David Bertrand

A Trump Win Destroys Both Parties and Exposes The Traitors of Our Republic

Friends and Associates:

I guess I have to cut my summer travels short and get back to Arizona to push for McCain's removal from our state as senator.

I am appalled to see McCain, Lindsey Graham, Pataki, Mitt Romney and a few military leaders showing their contempt for Donald Trump while facilitating a Hillary victory with the showing of the video (see below) to the DNC.

These are some of the same murderers involved with the 9/11 cover-up and the arming of ISIS in Syria.

They portray themselves as all knowing and keepers of the peace when WE know their track records. There's a lot more to the reasons why they hate Trump and one big one is the high probability that a few of them might face charges of Treason when Trump is elected.

On top of that, Hillary as Secretary of State, created a mountain of financial (foreign) connections and promises to rogue nations, likely obscured in the 30,000 deleted emails that Trump wants to see.

These morons want war with Russia in-order to increase defense budgets and arms sales around the world. Yes...THEY get kick-backs to complete these transactions and Hillary is their only hope for securing their retirement dreams.

THEY lie to the American people that Trump would be dangerous with his finger on the nuclear button, while knowing he is a deal maker and not a warmonger.

WE are seeing how Trump has exposed both parties of being on the same side and if this were 1776 all over again, the rope makers would be very busy indeed ! 


"A lot has changed since 2012 — four years after he ran against President Obama, Mitt Romney received cheers at the Democratic National Convention.

Romney appeared in a video that featured prominent Republicans and conservatives commenting on their opposition to Trump. He wasn't the only one to get applause — Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and former New York Gov. George Pataki were also well-received. After the video played, John Hutson, a retired rear admiral and former judge advocate general, came onstage, and announced, "Unlike Donald Trump, there are two things that I know an awful lot about: Law and order." He called Trump out for "endorsing torture at a minimum" and inviting Russia to hack a U.S. entity. "It's embarrassing enough that he's the face of one of our political parties," Hutson said. "The real disaster would be if we let Donald Trump become the face of the country we love."

Hutson urged people to listen to the more than 120 Republican national security leaders who have warned that Trump would "make America less safe," and brought up Trump's comments on Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). "I served in the same Navy as John McCain," he said. "I used to vote in the same party as John McCain. Donald, you're not fit to polish John McCain's boots." The room erupted in more unlikely cheers, this time not for McCain the Republican, but McCain the war hero." Catherine Garcia

See This Despicable Video of Traitors Played Last Night to the DNC 

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