Thursday, July 28, 2016


Nauseating Hollywood Lefties Who Have Vowed To Leave The Country If Donald Trump Is Elected President

If only it were true and if there was ever a reason to cast your vote for Donald Trump then evacuating these nauseating liberals from the good ol' USA would be it. Good riddance to bad rubbish...

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DNC Dirty Tricks Blocked Challenge To Tim Kaine By Sanders Supporters

Shamelful... The DNC scandals continue... The latest in DNC scandals is in the tactics used to shut down the anti-Kaine effort as it was developing among pro-Bernie delegates on the convention floor. The archaic and outlandish tactics involved stalling paperwork. Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America Donna Smith has stated...

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Muslim 'Migrants' Rape 5 Year Old Idaho Girl

The devastation caused by so-called Muslim migrants has been illustrated after the appalling rape of a five year old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. The family of the five year old girl tells a tragic story of not only being a victim of violent and heinous crime, but also the tragedy that lies ahead trying to relocate away from the ringleader of the Muslim who committed the crime...

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Obama's Last-Ditch Effort To Sabotage U.S. Immigration

In response to the ongoing surge in illegal immigration from Central America, the Obama Administration is expanding its already controversial program to bring would-be illegal immigrants to the United States as refugees and parolees. It has been questioned if these are last ditch efforts to sabotage the new leadership coming into office in November...

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