Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Submitted by: Patriot Headquarters

Hi Conservatives,

It's time to get serious for a minute.

We all know that there are forces out there who don't give a whit about you or your family, and yet are posing as "the good guys"

One company that fits that description to a "T" is Monsanto. They're always parroting how great they are and how their advances in "plant technology" are the wave of the future and a great hope to humanity.

I say HOOEY to all of it.

Monsanto is a profit driven, greed-based company who at the bottom of it all is just a real bully.

Case in point? The Supreme Court just sided WITH Monsanto on a very important case dealing with their GMO seeds.

It's a blow to farmers everywhere, and even more so to the hard working families trying to put food on the table, and having to wonder what else might be lurking in their meal.

I wrote this article about it that you need to read sooner than later here at the blog. It's incredibly revealing and shows exactly how far companies like Monsanto will go to keep their bottom line in check.

Read it here.

To your survival!

Frank Bates

P.S. Be sure to read that article all the way through. I have a very special solution for this particular problem that will eliminate Monsanto from the equation (at least in your life...) for good. See it here.

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