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DHS Orders Coddling Of Terrorists Just 3 Days Before Orlando Massacre

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Orders To Coddle Terrorists Issued By DHS 3 Days Before Orlando Massacre

Back in a March 21st Speech at Harvard, Homeland Insecurity Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson touted his CVE efforts, “Countering Violent Extremism,” as being critical to winning the hearts and minds of the “Islamic community. It’s a topic he makes it a point to mention anytime he has an audience, one which centers upon the premise that groveling at the feet of the Islamists will buy their goodwill and just maybe they won’t want to shoot us or blow us up. If they still feel compelled to commit senseless acts of murder on a massive scale, maybe it will buy us a little more time. That’s the sad state of national security under Islamist agitators Obama, Johnson, Jarrett, Kerry, and Brennan, virtually the entire regime.
Anything that might trigger an angry response from a jihadist is a no-no under these spineless suck-ups. A noteworthy addition to official pile of conspiratorial evidence they call policy came barely three days before the horrific Orlando massacre, an act committed by a first generation Islamic American by passport only of military or jihadist age, exactly the type of person Johnsons seeks out to perform his boot-lickings.
Johnson’s Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) submitted its new and improved “Countering Violent Extremism” report to Secretary Johnson. No “Countering Pathetic Submissiveness” report was ordered by the cowardly quisling to provide a counter-argument. It’s not a discussion; it’s a propaganda and social engineering component of a conquest.
The report included instructions to DHS to stop using “hurt words” like “jihad,” Sharia” and “takfir.” Additionally, self-censorship of any words that might possibly be disrespectful to potential terrorist butchers was also mandated. If you see something and say something about someone’s terrorist activities, be sure it’s done in a polite, respectful and sensitive manner.
Johnson created the pandering panel in November of last year, with Farah Pandith appointed as its head. Pandith is another of the endless stream of foreign-born, first generation or naturalized citizens who litter this administration. She was born in India and was originally appointed by Hillary Clinton to be the first ever Special Representative to Muslim Communities for the United States Department of State. It’s almost as if they had an agenda that was moving forward and expanding and needed a director of dubious loyalty take charge.
They also urged Americans to reach out to “gender diverse” Americans and teach youth “appropriate online etiquette.” The term “gender diverse” is a creation of the “your sex is whatever you want to pretend it is” movement just created by the liberals this year, designed to degrade the social fabric of the United States.
At first the online instructions for “children” might seem odd, as it would appear to be a demographic that is not represented in the DHS workforce. They claim their goal is to somehow help DHS “avoid stigmatizing specific communities.” Maybe they should just stick to hiring grownups.
The Muslim director and her board also recommended that DHS officials should be required to “Reject religiously-charged terminology and problematic positioning by using plain meaning American English.” That’s as clear and plain English as mud, from the same woman who just gave us guidelines for “gender diverse” Americans. There’s nothing like bureaucratic hypocrisy to make a Democrat operation a Democrat operation.
They said, “There is a disagreement among scholars, government officials, and activists about the right lexicon to use around the issues of violent extremism.” The only reason any disagreement exists, if it does, is because they are making accommodations for their barbaric and primitive behavior and because they are afraid of being killed. Cowering to the desires of Johnson, the report further states, “Under no circumstance should we be using language that will alienate or be disrespectful of fellow Americans.”
It reads, “We must speak with honor and respect about all communities within the United States. We should give dignity to the many histories and diversities within our nation and advocate for a consistent whole of government approach that utilizes agreed terms and words. Tone and word choice matter.” DHS and whole of government is big brother.
In a big step further down that Orwellian it explained the appropriate youth online etiquette push, urging a combined effort between DHS and the Department of Education to brainwash children into compliance. They called for the two agencies to team up with “education experts and non-profits to disseminate to schools, teaching children appropriate online etiquette to mitigate ‘online hate.’”
Much of what strips us of our rights is now in some way “necessary” in order to counter what the government calls hate or anything that exposes what they’re doing or supports the Constitution. Thoughts or speech that don’t conform to the socialist world equality model cannot be tolerated and will not be allowed to exist.
The Daily Caller noted that the “DHS website states that HSAC, ‘Provides organizationally independent advice and recommendations to the Secretary, including the creation and implementation of critical and actionable policies for the security of the homeland.’”
What they’re doing has nothing to do with the security of the homeland. In fact, the restrictions they’re putting into place with no accompanying legislation decrease our ability to deal with threats as you can’t fight what you can’t talk about. It’s all about control and the criminals in this regime certainly appear confident that the next four years, what they hope will be the death knell for the United States, will be in their filthy, controlling hands.
We Americans have to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Laura  J Alcorn
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