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BJ3: THX to Sher......
I just plain missed it...what with catching up on the onesie-twosies on WLM and finishing the Briefer for the webmail and figuring out workarounds on it...
From: sherzieve...
Bob, FYI.  National Report is an anti-conservative HOAX site.   From: Kirk MacKenzie.....MSNBC Anchor Resigns; Admits to Spreading “Lies on Behalf of Obama

From: Bob Rankin...
The FBI Wants Your Browsing History  The Obama administration is pushing to amend existing privacy law in a way that critics argue would allow the government access to internet browsing histories and other metadata -- without needing a warrant. Privacy advocates and tech firms are resisting this move. Here’s what you need to know and do… 
U.S. appeals court upholds net neutrality rules, but the fight is far from over...An appeals court has upheld the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's controversial net neutrality rules, passed in 2015. Read More ▶
From: Dave Bertrand.....America Is Under Seige, Liberal Socialists Are Out To Lunch....Blaming Americans 
From: Dave Hollenbeck...Sneering, Petulant Obama Just Condemned America For Being America…(VIDEO )  ...Giving a speech today in the aftermath of the Orlando terrorist attack this past weekend, a clearly defensive and thin-skinned Barack Obama stared into the cameras and declared it was America’s fault for the tragic loss of life and was defiant that he would not now, and not ever, place blame for what happened on radical Islam. It was quite possibly, the president’s most bizarre and anti-American performance yet.

From: Jenny...Jeff Sessions: Orlando Attacker’s Father ‘Clearly An Extremist,’ ‘Taliban Member,’ ‘Wouldn’t Have Been Admitted’ Under Proper Vetting
From: Savage...
White House considers sending illegal immigrant children to Sen. Sessions' home state

From: Jenny...
Rep. Brian Babin: Refugee Program Is ‘Clear and Present Danger’ to America

From: RUSH...Barack Obama, Attorney for the Defense...

From: Jenny...Paul Ryan’s Orlando Fail: House Speaker Ignores Mass Muslim Migration’s Connections to Radical Islamic Terrorism

BJ3: And then he said...From: Jenny...Paul Ryan: A Muslim Ban Is ‘Not In Our Country’s Interests’

BJ3: Excellent...and brilliant...Media war! Trump bans major newspaper  GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's dislike of the mainstream media is no secret -- and yesterday he declared war on one of the largest media outlets in the country. See who Trump kicked to the curb, and why. Read More
From: Joan Swirsky...Finally: A Realistic Plan for Fighting the Jihad and Protecting Americans...Courtesy of Donald Trump by Robert Spencer.
From: sherzieve...London begins implementing Shari'a Law.  Women's rights will quickly be gone.
London's New [MUSLIM] Mayor Bans Tube Ads Featuring Attractive, Bikini-Clad Women -'s-New-Mayor-Bans-Tube-Ads-Featuring-Attractive,-Bikini-Clad-Women#sthash.pquLFbcx.dpuf

From: victoria kateria hayes.....Keep up the good work as long as you can?  Things are moving faster and faster, don't you think?   The only thing on the mind of the evil one in the Rainbow/black house is Gun control, and the wicked witch the same.  They don't want to accept that bringing the Syrians and other rag-heads here is a mistake.  Or not closing all immigration until things settle down.  How else are we the true citizens of the US supposed to protect ourselves?And this happens after BHO named June as Gay Month?  If it walks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck, it is a Duck?  sorry poor duck to compare you with all the evil...........
   Yes, of course you may use my comments!  Some people may not like it, but like the Donald, if it is the Truth, take it and Lump it!
Let us all be in constant prayer, that they are not successful in their efforts?  More an more each day I fear that the Evil One will declare Marshall Law, try and take our guns and an all out revolution will be started?  Hopefully we will be able to hold elections(even as crooked as they are) and come January with hand on the Bible, Trump will be sworn in.  I'll bet he does not make a mistake and hide in a judges chamber, behind close doors to take the Oath of Office?  How about you?   None of us know when he was hiding what book, if any he had his hands on, and what he declared?  Remember and think about it?
In all things trust the Lord God, and His Blessed Son, Jesus! Gods Blessings and Christ Peace!  Vicki   (no link)
From: Sher Zieve.....Must read!...From: dave Hollenbeck
WHY I’M MEETING WITH DONALD TRUMP Rod D. Martin | On June 13, 2016

San Francisco to allow illegal immigrants to vote-  They're not citizens. They snuck into America illegally. And now they may start deciding our elections. Learn about San Francisco's shameful proposal to let illegal immigrants vote, and why it's all connected to Donald Trump. Read More
From: Rob E.....34 Illegal Aliens Dropped Off By 18-Wheeler at Truckstop Outside Dallas
From: Jenny...Trump Calls on Clinton Foundation to Return $25M+ in Saudi Arabia Money

BJ3: Yep...clearly so for any minimally informed American.....But in these days it needs to be said.  
From: DON HANK.....
Who's the REAL demagogue? Trump or the Establishment?

From: charlite...
I wonder when we'll begin to see 'well-organized' local and state MILITIAS (per U.S. Constitution's 2nd Amendment) rise up and start conducting a version of Lexington Green and the Boston Tea Party against 'enemies foreign and domestic.' If we have to defend our Homeland city by city, town by town, street by Churchill promised the British people in 1941............We will NEVER SURRENDER! - Neither will 90% of indignant, infuriated and Mad As Hell American patriots. If we don't begin fighting back NOW - now, when there are 'only 1.5 million Muslims' in the United States - what do you think their % of our population will BE in 10, 15 or 20 years after multiple millions keep coming here, many with multiple wives bearing 4 to 9 children each? - If we don't rise up - with local militias and via other means NOW, just when would an appropriate moment arrive? - After the Sears Tower in Chicago is blown up? -simultaneously with downtown Los Angeles, Seattle's Space Needle Tower, all of both CA and FL Disneyland/Disney World complexes?................When would the time BE - to fight these bastards and run them clean out of our blessed nation? WHEN? TELL ME WHEN!  

From: Sher Zieve.....
MUST VIEW!  You decide...This speaks to the plan to keep Obama and the rest of his ObamaGov in office--indefinitely--and to finally affect his Martial law.  Are the conventions the catalysts for Obama, his masters and minions to begin the final phase of the beginning of the end for the USA and its citizens and the beginning of our captivity by the NWO Obama Kingdom?...From: John Rolls.
From: Jenny...Go fetch! Adorable video shows tiny German Shepherd puppy trying his hardest to deliver the morning newspaper - which is almost as big as him - to his owner

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