Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Submitted by: Nancy Battle

They are finally going after them...BIG PHARMA and the other criminals.  We are talking about peoples' LIVES.

Drug makers have just been ordered to pay a huge settlement for deceiving patients about the toxic side effects caused by cancer drugs.

It's part of a systemic pattern of deception from Big Pharma, where they LIE about antidepressant drugs, LIE about statin drugs, LIE about clinical trials and LIE in medical journals.

No intelligent person believes anything Big Pharma says anymore... and now the drug industry is starting to lose millions in payouts.

"Big Pharma's top eleven corporations generated net profits in just one decade from 2003 to 2012 of nearly three quarters of a trillion dollars - that's just net profit alone. The net profit for 2012 amongst those top eleven amounted to $85 billion in just that one year."

If it weren't for the courage of whistleblowers like Brian Shields, Big Pharma would simply continue its corrupt practices virtually unchecked - after all, the FDA and other regulatory agencies have been bought out by the drug industry and do little to protect the public from the fraudulent marketing of useless and dangerous medications.

If enough people come forward and speak out, as Shields did, we might begin to see changes in the way Big Pharma conducts business - but don't hold your breath...

And as also confirmed the Los Angeles Times Newspaper.

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