Saturday, June 11, 2016


Let us Worship
Spirit and Truth
In this sermon I hope to lead each of you in giving your worship to our Lord. I have delivered a sermon in the past that tells just how God Himself set forth the manner in which we are to worship Him.
Before we enter into worship we must make our one and only request of Him other than asking that He accept our Praise of Him and our Worship of Him. Our request is that as our Yahweh Tsidkeanu, God of Righteousness, that He accept our confessions of sins and forgive us. We ask this of Him as we wish to appear before Him in robes of white and cleansed of all sin.
At this time I ask that each one of you take the time necessary to confess all sins to Him and to ask His forgiveness.
Father, Creator of all there is we come before You praising You for the awesome powers You show. You have created the heavens, the earth, hung the stars and created all living things. You have given us our lives and the will to live our lives as we see fit. Father, we thank You for allowing us to be willing recipients of You Word and for everything You have chosen to reveal to us.
Lord on High, we seek to worship you just as You have directed us to. We worship You in Spirit as You are God and we Your servants. When we say we worship You in Spirit we are saying that You alone are God and are to be worshiped with our total reverence being given You and with all the love we can muster we freely give.
Lord, we worship You in truth as there is nothing that can be hidden from Your all seeing eyes and all knowing presence. We open our hearts and our minds to You and realize that it is You that fulfills our every wish and our hopes.
You have given us Your Holy Spirit to guide us in our lives. The discernment given us is among that greatest gifts we could have ever imagined. The comfort and counseling given us by Your Holy Spirit sustains our lives and is our guide in life.
Father, You walked amongst us in the Person of Your Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and we were given Your Good News, the Gospels of Jesus Christ, so as to allow us understanding the magnificence of Your love.
In the Person of Jesus Christ, You have shown us the necessity of repenting to You, O Lord, and from sin. Your resurrecting Jesus from the grave and ascending Him to heaven will forever bring tears to our eyes.
As we offer You our Worship and our love we also thank You for the everyday sustenance You provide. As our El Shaddai you are ever supplying our every need. We stand in awe of You, Lord, and want You to know that we love You, praise You and give thanks for all of Your kindness and powers.
At this time we are going to sit silent for a time in hopes of Your speaking to each of us. We ask nothing and await Your touch.
Lord, You have shown us Your path for us to follow. Although that path is narrow we willingly walk as we know that Your love will sustain us and Your mercies will allow us to prevail and be the children for whom You will rejoice.
As our Yahweh Saoboth, King of the Angels, You have angels following Your direction and watching over us giving protection in times of need. Please know that Your mighty protection is appreciated and eases our troubled souls. Thank You Lord for all that You do.
We join in with the heavenly host as we say, Holy, Holy, Holy. Holy are You Lord. You are the Power of The Universe and we bow before You in total submission to You and Your awesome Power. We are but mere mortals and are often astounded by Your magnificence.
Father, we sing in our hearts songs of our love for You. You have given us a reason for living and we look forward to living life eternal in Your presence. You are our God and we rejoice in You and Your love.
(Closing prayer)
Almighty God, we come before You in total worship and showing You our utter fealty to You. You are worthy of our praise, our worship and our love. We are Your children and are here to do Your will. It is with all the feelings and heartfelt desires to please You that we bow our heads to You.
You are our God, our Happiness and our Salvation. All Hail our God for He is to be praised.
In Jesus Name we pray who is One with You and the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever,
Amen, amen and amen. 

Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr
God's Word Christian Ministry   

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