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CHUCK KOLB 06/11/2016

We Let It Happen !!!
What not in God’s Name has been let to happen ?
Pray we are not the last generation to see, or even to
remember what goodness there is and can be !
Whatever happened ? It’s called ...
Polytheism idolatry as in Cassius Clay aka Mohammed Ali ...
It’s called ... political correctness or social perjury ...
Lack of glory to God’s Name and His law has happened,
Lack of personhood and gender has happened,
Lack of personal responsibility has happened,
Lack of personal integrity and honesty has happened,
Lack of education where 2 + 2 = 5 has happened and
Lack of true history where revisionist is text book print,
Lack of respect and loyalty to our country has happened,
Lack of being an American has happened ...
Pray not, all these things died along with common sense ! 
Maranatha !

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Shabbat Shalom - Bamidbar (In the Wilderness) - United Under One Authority !!!

Trump takes aim at Clinton in appeal to evangelicals
In prepared speech, Republican bemoans divided country
by David Jackson - USA TODAY

 WASHINGTON Under fire even from some Republicans, Donald Trump delivered a second consecutive set speech Friday in a bid to win support from evangelical voters for his fall battle against Hillary Clinton. “We will restore faith to its proper mantle in our society, and we will respect and defend Christian Americans,” Trump told members of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, a group of religious and social conservatives meeting in the nation’s capital. "We will restore faith to its proper mantle in our society ... we will respect and defend Christian Americans," Trump told members of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, a group of religious and social conservatives meeting in the nation's capital. [...]

Global government bond yields on epic slide over growth fears, interest rates
by Adam Shell - USA TODAY

Look out below! Government bond yields around the globe are being driven to historic lows as investors worried about the slow pace of global growth, political risk and uncertainty over central bank stimulus policies snap up government paper in a bid to pare risk and snare decent yields where they can find it. The rush into government bonds, which is driving up prices and driving down yields, comes at a time of economic uncertainty and massive demand for bonds from yield-starved investors. It also coincides with the U.S. stock market flirting with a fresh record high and a surprisingly weak May jobs report that has put a halt to the Federal Reserve’s plans to hike short-term interest rates in June and perhaps for longer. Central bankers around the world, such as the European Central Bank, are also big buyers of government bonds in an attempt to keep rates low and boost growth. [...]
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Yavoh ~ He is coming !
Yahweh - Yeshua -  Ruach Ha-Kodesh
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה  
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Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.
Psalm 46:10 KJV

We Let It Happen !!!

We Let It Happen
by Ray DiLorenzo - Editor SUA

Our beloved country, the United States of America, freedom's last safest place, is being taken over by godless secularists and Marxists.  They said they would do it and we let it happen.  We bought it with the lure of liberalism, social justice and fair play.  We were lazy and apathetic. 

Fully half of the population of this nation is willing to vote for a candidate that is thoroughly corrupt and a serial liar.  These people, for the most part, know she is rotten to her very core, but are willing to vote for her because, after 50 years of Marxist indoctrination in our schools and universities, if given the choice, they prefer a country without God, without limits, without a moral standard, without an economic system that requires individual achievement. 

They are demanding what the socialist system has always promised, Nirvana. Never mind the spectacular failures of the Soviet Union, Venezuela, Cuba, Communist China.  Never mind the millions of dead and whatever good intentions there were.  According to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, they didn't do socialism correctly.

Young people today, in numbers like never before, would rather be given a check than earn it.  51 percent of Harvard students between 18 and 29 support socialism over capitalism.  Just 42 percent are in favor of capitalism, the economic system that has afforded the people of this country the highest standard of living the world has ever seen.

Regardless of Hillary Clinton's countless deficiencies, many people think she can give the people the level playing field, the social justice, the environmental justice, the free cell phone, whatever.   Progressives have successfully convinced a multitude that they can have it all at little or no personal cost.  All they have to do is give them the power.

Hillary Clinton is going to right all wrongs, assuage the guilt of an unjust society, redefine what it means to be a human being...and everyone will live happily ever after. 

The progressive hidden agenda is simple...the oldest desire in the be as God,
knowing good from evil.  But, unlike God, choosing evil. We let it happen.  I pray it is not too late.

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Source truth on Hillary Clinton ...
Ra and The Amicus Brief June 10, 2016

by editor

Editor: From our friends at The American Center for Democracy:
Amicus Brief in Support of the FBI’s Clintons’ Investigations
by Thomas Lambert Cranmer
Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 @ 8:10PM
James B. Comey, Esq., Director
Re: Corruption of Public Officials: The Clinton Family, Foundation & Affiliates, and State Department Employees                                
Dear Director Comey:
... Laws Violated
Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, Esq. of Giuliani Partners LLC summarized the following laws violated, according to Sean Hannity on November 13, 2015:
    18USC§201   Bribery
    18USC§208   Acts Affecting A Personal Financial Interest (Includes Recommendations)
    18USC§371   Conspiracy
    18USC§1001  False Statements
    18USC§1341  Frauds And Swindles (Mail Fraud)
    18USC§1343  Fraud By Wire
    18USC§1349  Attempt And Conspiracy (To Commit Fraud)
    18USC§1505  Obstruction Of Justice
    18USC§1519  Destruction (Alteration Or Falsification) Of Records In Federal Investigation
    18USC§1621  Perjury (Including Documents Signed Under Penalties Of Perjury)
    18USC§1905 Disclosure Of Confidential Information
    18USC§1924  Unauthorized Removal And Retention Of Classified Documents Or Material
    18USC§2071  Concealment (Removal Or Mutilation) Of Government Records
    18USC§7201  Attempt To Evade Or Defeat A Tax (Use Of Clinton Foundation Funds For Personal Or Political Purposes)
    18USC§7212  Attempts To Interfere With Administration Of Internal Revenue Laws (Call To IRS On Behalf Of UBS Not Turning Over Accounts To IRS)
    18USC1001 Making false statements [...]

Hillary Clinton posted and shared the names of concealed
U.S. intelligence officials on her unprotected email system. June 8, 2016

by editor - from our friends at Breitbart

Next victims. - Criminal Investigations involving dead victims are usually…
Federal records reveal that Clinton swapped these highly classified names on an email account that was vulnerable to attack and was breached repeatedly by Russia-linked hacker attempts. These new revelations — reminiscent of the Valerie Plame scandal during George W. Bush’s tenure — could give FBI investigators the evidence they need to make a case that Clinton violated the Espionage Act by mishandling national defense information through “gross negligence.” Numerous names cited in Clinton’s emails have been redacted in State Department email releases with the classification code “B3 CIA PERS/ORG,” a highly specialized classification that means the information, if released, would violate the Central Intelligence Act of 1949. The State Department produced a document to Judicial Watch in April 2014 that identifies different types of “(b)(3)” redactions, including “CIA PERS/ORG,” which it defines as information “Specifically exempted from disclosure by statute … Central Intelligence Act of 1949.” “That’s what it suggests,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton told Breitbart News, referring to the indication that Clinton disclosed the names of CIA-protected intelligence sources, based on the B3 redactions. [...]

In depth ...
Will Putin hand Trump the presidency?
by Don Hank

I was invited to participate in a conversation among a group of friends who are hoping that the Kremlin will turn over their cache of Hillary emails obtained via the Romanian hacker “Guccifer” just in time to smear her prior to the November election. Judge Napolitano has stated that the Kremlin is holding these emails and is not sure what to do with them. The group was hopeful that Putin would reveal the content of this cache just in time for Hillary to be indicted before elections. Here is my reply to the group:

Yes, this could be a big deal.

But remember that Putin has an iron-clad policy of never interfering in the internal affairs of what he calls “partner” countries.

Putin must stick to this policy to avoid hypocrisy because he has publicly opposed interference by the State Department in the color revolutions, the Arab Spring and the military interventions in Kosovo, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, nations that have been utterly ruined by Washington’s intervention. Thus by failing so abjectly in every attempt at control, Washington has handed Russia a huge propaganda advantage and he will not fritter it away by imitating Washington’s interference in other countries’ politics … including US politics. It is his principle (part of what I have called the Putin Principle) to avoid such chicanery, thereby presenting a stark contrast with Washington “leaders” and in so doing – ie, by his studied refusal to interfere – letting the world beat a path to Moscow – as Netanyahu has done just this week, for example.

He must come across to existing and potential trade and military partners as squeaky clean in this regard and not be seen interfering in anyone’s business, except, for example, to be seen as protecting the lives of minorities in Syria, or of Russian speakers in E. Ukraine, who have, you will recall, been bombed from the air and subjected to murders and abuse by fascist thugs of the Right Sector who revere men like Stepan Bandera, a Nazi who aided Hitler in killing Ukrainian Poles back in the day (these openly fascist partisans march in parades with photos of these old “heroes”). Unfortunately, these lumpenproletariat are all seen as part of the US-backed Kiev government. We own them and that fact makes Putin look like a white knight by contrast. Dim-witted State Department and Pentagon officials, as well as professional Russophobes (whom I exposed recently for the phonies they are), whine that RT (Russia Today) is “Russian propaganda” and some have even suggested banning it or imposing a heavy tariff on its revenues in the US. But the reality is that US foreign policy has been Russia’s best propaganda.

You will recall that when asked what he thought of Trump, Putin’s answer was totally apolitical. He only made a vague reference to Trump’s intelligence, which was misinterpreted by Trump to mean Putin thought he was a “genius.” Not quite, but it was a nice gesture on Volodya’s part (the nickname is not “Vlad” in Russian BTW). He pointedly commented at the time “we do not interfere in anyone’s internal affairs,” a comment that went over most Western heads because most of us refuse to believe that no other governments could possibly abstain from Washington-type skullduggery. “They’re all doing it.” [...]

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