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Napolitano – Obama Guilty Too – Emailed Clinton On Unsecured Server

Rick Wells | June 10, 2016  URL:

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Now that he’s formally endorsed his corrupt former Secretary of State for Criminal-in-Chief, the concerns expressed in this video by Judge Andrew Napolitano become even more real.
Napolitano is concerned about the pressure that the endorsement puts on both FBI Director Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch to do the “Obama shuffle” and fail to pursue the criminal Mrs. Clinton.
He’s also uneasy about the position the investigating agents will find themselves in. In that regard, Napolitano has concerns on two fronts, the investigations into espionage and public corruption by Mrs. Clinton.
They point to a lie that Clinton told, straight-faced to Bret Baier the night before in which she stated that there was zero chance she would be indicted because the rules were unclear.
Steve Doocy and Judge Napolitano agree that was a lie and have evidence to back it up. Clinton was given a two-hour seminar instructing her on the protection of documents and explaining the protocols. She signed a document at the time verifying that the information had been provided. In that document the proper handling of government documents was stressed. It is a public record, one that they both have seen.
Napolitano adds in closing, “The ‘president’s’ conflicts are unbelievable. Some of the top secret information found on Mrs. Clinton’s server was emailed to her by ‘president’ Obama. So he, himself, participated in taking State secrets and putting it in a non-secure venue. Might he have to be a witness in the case against her? And might that influence his decision about whether or not she can be indicted?”
So by hiding the truth and covering Hillary Clinton’s crimes, as well as protecting her from prosecution, Hussein is likewise protecting himself. Surely Comey and Lynch know that Obama’s part of the case and an indictment of Clinton directly leads to him as well. They’re undoubtedly facing tremendous pressure to back off. Lynch has surely already opted to protect Obama, but she’s got to deal with Comey.
Might Congress be willing to actually do their jobs and impeach the trashy foreigner squatting in our White House? Nope, not this gaggle of quislings; there’s not a chance.
Laura  J Alcorn
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