Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Submitted by: Royce Latham

What is missing from the 800 page Benghazi report?

The Arab Spring was scripted by the Soros funded International Crisis Group, ICG, headed by Thomas Pickering.  Hillary and Obama adopted, promoted, and implemented the plan. First was the over throwal of the elected regime in Egypt.  After the Hillary/Obama installation of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptians overthrew the previous and future terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.  The Egyptians labeled Hillary and Obama as terrorists. 

Next the ICG cabal set their sites on the overthrow of Libya’s Gaddafi, even though he had agreed to cease making weapons of mass destruction. He, however, was planning a currency backed by gold called the dinar.  He was also selling his oil for gold, not petro dollars.   So the US, with knowledge and participation of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and John McCain enlisted our national enemy, al Qaeda to remove Gaddafi. The US supplied weapons, logistics, and air support in the war on Libya. After the brutal rape death of Gaddafi, Hillary commented, “We came, We saw, He died." Hillary, the CIA and John McCain started to transfer weapons, including chemical weapons to the moderate Islamists in Syria who would become the terrorist group ISIS to overthrow the Assad Syrian regime. The weapons came from Benghazi and entered Turkey at the port of Iskenderun.

Meanwhile, Thomas Pickering, leader of the Soros funded International Crisis Group, prepared the Accountability Review Board report on Benghazi, with the collaboration of Hillary Clinton.  Clinton was absolved of any wrong doing.
What was Obama doing on the night of Benghazi?  Before flying out to Los Vegas the next day for a fund raiser, Obama and Biden were on the telephone with Netanyahu. Then Obama was incommunicado on one of his “Do Not Disturb” nights involved in illegal and highly immoral behavior with minors. Valerie Jarrett was in de facto command of the US Government.  The command to stand down was issued with her authority.  Obama was incapacitated due to drugs. Hillary was still working as she concocted the campaign winning strategy to blame the attack, not on our ally Al Qaida but rather on an unknown video trailer of a United States government funded video now entitled Innocence of Muslims, directed by a Muslim masquerading as a Coptic Christian. Her first statement on this ruse was issued on 10 pm EST on Benghazi night.  She was well aware of the terrorist nature of the Benghazi attack, evidenced by her email to her daughter and her phone call to an Arab leader.

Ambassador Chris Stevens was raped, tortured and killed in the most savage Muslim manner. 

All of the coverup was to protect Hillary, Obama, McCain, Soros, and Thomas Pickering from the responsibility of destabilizing the Middle East by arming, financing, and training al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS/ISIL. The result of the Arab Spring fiasco is a mass migration of Muslims to overthrow Europe.  Now the same criminals are importing the Islamic refuse into the United States.  Why?
Ask them!

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