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From: Sher Sieve...
Some of the dumbed-down surface...From: Dave Hollenbeck    From: Thomas Paine

Mexican President Demands U.S. Merge With Mexico, Canada
EU-style "North American Union" would kill U.S. national sovereignty

From: Sher Zieve.....
Folks, this is the most dangerous example of the Luciferian Left, yet.  This whole incident has been covered up since it occurred...even by the cops.  This small young 5 year old girl was raped and then urinated upon by 3 Muslim men who have been released from police custody.  This IS what Obama has brought and is continuing to bring into the USA in order to fully destroy what's left of us.
IMO, the people in Twin Falls should have grabbed their torches, heated some hot tar, grabbed some chicken feathers, placed the tar and chicken feathers on the savages then tied them to a cut down a tree and run them out of town.  We used to have vigilantes where there was no law enforcement.  In all too many areas of what was once our country, there is no longer law enforcement for any but Muslims and La Raza...and it's spreading.  Time for a return to vigilantism?  You must, ultimately, decide...From: Dave Hollenbeck 
Seven Refugees With Active TB Sent to Idaho
From: Jenny...Video: Reporters Confront Illegal Immigrants Who Just Crossed Border...Infowars stops more illegals than Obama ever has
BJ3: Of course. there has yet to be released any valid, rightly-certified, at birth, sealed and vaulted, original birth certificate to prove anything about BHO’s birth. And then there is that “tiny” issue of what is the definition of “NBC”.

BJ3: Yep...this is for all the marbles...Democratic Party platform calls for prosecuting global warming deniers

BJ3: This column is from Newsmax, as is another claiming Trump said the wall would not be high or such. Both caused me  concern. We know; we don’t trust NM either. So yesterday, we watched Trump’s two most recent appearances...a policy speech (“presidential”) and a rally.  We wanted to hear these position changes right from Trump’s mouth...AND WE DID NOT. HEAR IT.  So, “newsmax”, go stuff it. ZERO cred to you so far.“Trump to Drop 'Muslim' From Immigration” Ban

Coulter: Ryan Is ‘The Next Eric Cantor’

BJ3: Couldn’t resist running this. When this moron says this, it just keeps proving us right.  What a jerk.

Letterman slams Trump: 'He's despicable' But: 'There's nothing illegal going on'

BJ3: Here’s another moron only he’s totally biased considering his wife. 

Trump Fires Back at Clooney: ‘He’s No Cary Grant’

BJ3: Notice she did this after getting her “paid for” hs degree.

Valedictorian Reveals She’s ‘Undocumented,’ Blames U.S., Blasts Trump in Graduation Speech
From: Ladybird...Open Borders: Our Plight in 21st Century...In this exclusive interview with George A. Phelps, retired US Army officer of the 1st Calvary, he examines the consequences of our open borders policy carried on by your elected Congressional critters as well as the current president in the White House.......   by Frosty Wooldridge

From: Sher Zieve  John Anthony - Sustainable Freedom Lab

Sacramento Democrats Try to Use Copyright Law to Prevent Public Getting Information

By Stephen Frank on Jun 27, 2016 07:55 pm     You pay taxes, the government spends the money and you want to have copies of reports.  Under the California “Open Records Act” you are entitled to see them, if you pay a fee for the copying of them.  Now the Democrats in the legislature are working overtime to figure out how to keep information from...

L.A. City Attorney Uses Tax $$ to Try to End Private Property Rights

By Stephen Frank on Jun 27, 2016 07:53 pm
In Los Angeles if you own a home or apartment complex, you pay the taxes, the mortgage, the insurance and all the other costs.  But if City Attorney Mike Feuer—your basic Bernie Sanders Democrat—the CITY will control your use of the property—and not take a dime’s worth of risk.  You lose in Los Angeles—another reason […]
From: Sher Zieve   From:   Dave Hollenbeck
Nigel Farage 20years ago you laughed at me, you are not laughing now
Nigel Farage : The Speech That WON Us Our BREXIT - 24June 2016
From: Jenny...Muslim Asylum Seekers in Germany ‘Having A Bad Day.’ So They Rape A Woman
The men appeared unable to cope with the fact that Germany is a democracy that offers equal rights to both sexes

From: Sher Zieve   From:
John Rolls   
Germany, France Hatch Plan: EU Superstate -The United States Of Europe +Video | EU
From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk"
(Comrade merkel is showing her true colors [or swastika])
[Ve vill punish zose brits for for insulting ze fuhrer, Obama]
Merkel tells Britain no 'cherry-picking' in Brexit talks - One America News Network     “Whoever wants to leave this family can’t expect to do away with all of its responsibilities while keeping the privileges,” added Merkel, "

From: sherzieve...
Yep!  As we know, the ObamaGov started this gun and ammo grab (for its own departments) shortly after the creature was 'elected'.  They're planned to be used against US citizens (spec. Conservatives, Constitutionalist and all 'people of the book') by both domestic and foreign armies since the Obama came to power.  The implementation draws closer every day...
From: "Joan Swirsky"...Thanks to David Steinmann for this...All those so-called paranoid fears about the 2008 coup d'etat becoming permanent look quite sane when you read this.

More firepower than the Marines Federal civilian agencies are amassing guns and ammo

From: Sher Zieve...
Is this the year the Obama and NWO plan to permanently end the USA and round up its citizens toward incarnating and/or eliminating them takes effect?...From: John Rolls...


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