Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Submitted by: Donald Hank

Something sinister is happening. Germany is now doing joint maneuvers with Turkish troops. One of the training exercise deals with quickly taking over foreign assets like airports. Syria perhaps?
Connect this dot with the fact that Turkey has just claimed that the latest deadly attack on Ankara was done by ISIS.
The only problem is that ISIS always proudly takes responsibility for its attacks within about 24 hours. Time is up and Erdogan is lying.
Now if Turkey had clues that the attack was done by Kurds, it would immediately accuse them to give it an excuse to kill more Kurds. So it probably is not Kurds. But it is not likely to be ISIS either. False flag?
At any rate, claiming -- falsely -- that ISIS did it provides cover for the known fact that Turkey supports ISIS. Remember that Turkey has claimed ISIS perpetrated all the unclaimed attacks on Turkish soil so far. Again, unclaimed means NOT ISIS. But the msm never remind us of that easily checkable fact.
At the same time, it gives Turkey an excuse to team up with Nazi Germany and perhaps try to take out Assad, who has NOTHING to do with the attack.
This is how war propaganda works, Folks. Surely you can see through this?
Watch for a joint attack on another country, perhaps one in which Russia is engaged in defeating ISIS.
Given all these circumstances, we ought to at least strongly suspect that Merkel and Erdogan are engaged in something evil and dirty. Nigel Farage just yesterday administered a much deserved slap at the old bat on international TV, reminding people that it was her invitation to all and sundry residents of terror supporting regimes to come to Germany and hence to the EU, and that this invitation has caused irreparable rifts in the EU. This is insufferably insulting to the old battleaxe but true. Now her childish hypersensitivity could have us on a war footing.
I can smell the plot from here. Remember that there are now 30,000 NATO troops amassed at the Russian border and all they need is an excuse. If Turkey and Germany attack Syria and get bloodied, that will be the excuse they need. And you can bet they will be there at Obama's invitation.
Don't doubt for a moment that Obama is involved here in the background in this unholy and unsavory alliance between the evil Erdogan and the demented bag of Berlin. Obama is almost definitely miffed and embarrassed by the Brexit vote and is itching for revenge. Besides, there is nothing like a good war to give a big boost to the party in power at election time.
But hopefully all parties to the evil plot are aware that if the bear is taunted beyond its limits, that could mean all out war. On the other hand, do these ninnies know that Russia is bristling with armaments including an ICBM missile that is hypersonic (4600 mph) and cannot be shot down by any existing missile system? And do they know that Russia just completed successful tests of an anti-missile system that can stop US incoming hardware? Doesn't Obama know that the White House coordinates must be be programmed into the computer that controls Russian counter attacks?
Russia will certainly have a counter strategy? It has said it would go down fighting if necessary. Nuclear holocaust anyone?
I see it coming.
Our only hope is in God. He has seen fit to give the world Brexit, but Satan has given us the antithesis.

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