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Hillary wanted to stop Mexicans with a "physical barrier" along the border

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The video (below) is indicative of Hillary Clinton's attempt to appease a segment of the population when it's appropriate for her own edification.

Hillary is a disgusting liar and her voters remain ignorant of that simple fact......

Let's hope that Trump (Monday) exposes her stand on illegal immigration during a 2006 speech where she said "we need a physical barrier to keep Mexicans out."

She is obviously pulling at straws in an attempt to gain the (socialist) minority vote, no matter what it takes. WE know from earlier reports by Secret Service agents that served on her and Bill's detail from years ago, the Clintons have demonized blacks and illegal aliens until now.

They both hate Obama, but have to suck-up for his support.......

Both Obama and Hillary are Bilderberg puppets, which both slipped away from the media to attend a private Bilderberg meeting at the Marriot Dulles Airport in 2008. This was on the night that Obama accepted the nomination, and some reports say...."Hillary was asked to throw all her support behind Obama and she will get her chance at the nomination by 2016."

Any state head that attends a Bilderberg meeting is in violation of the "Logan Act." Bill Clinton was fined for attending one of those meetings, but lately....the Bilderberg group have gained New World Order authority of sorts. The Bilderberg meeting happening this week in Germany is said to be planning a political coup against Trump and how to force Britain to stay in the European Union (BREXIT).

Obama has been instructed to give Bernie Sanders a shake-down meeting to encourage him to throw all his support behind Hillary Clinton, while Trump is appealing to the 30% that support Bernie and want nothing to do with Hillary.

That 30% are the smarter segment of society that are not mentally deficient with glazed-over eyes for socialism.

Trump has a major challenge ahead and against those that want to further destroy America under a Venezuela style socialist / communist take-over (in the works since Eisenhower). Most every president, except for Kennedy so far, have chiseled away our liberty and freedoms while fighting failed wars in the name of "freedom."

We are now at a turning point in history and it's possible to actually "make America great again," only if we as a people step-up to the plate and kick ass against the New World order take-down of America.

We have a very deceptive media, controlled by the CIA (Operation Mockingbird), which answers to the Bilderberg (New World Order) globalist elite that own mega corporations, militaries, and government officials. It's an "Information War" and Hillary clearly stated, "and we are losing that information war." 

Yep....the cat is out of the bag and WE are onto them and what their plans are. That is why THEY are stepping-up their plans to fully implement world dominance of all resources, by land grabbing, wars, and dictatorship placement(s). The problem for them.... the people that are waking-up around the world.

The race by the globalists to secure their agenda is up against an economic collapse happening around the world.

With the latest Obama problem to deny EBT (food stamps) benefits for the last 8 days is a clear indication that something is not right in Washington. What's next? Social Security payments delayed and/or stopped completely? If that happens, YOU had better be well armed, because the chaos will be staggering and the less fortunate will want what YOU have.

Financial experts are saying that a full blown financial Martial Law will begin during the latter part of 2016. 

The world is falling apart while America, under the Obama administration, is following close behind. THEIR desperation to keep America on the decline by a Hillary Clinton crowning is essential for restructuring America (and the world) into a controlled society that Hitler attempted to do, but failed. To rebuild a house to new must tear-down the old house first.

Are we that much closer (again) to what will be WWIII? 
See Hillary's speech that would absolutely tick-off the La Raza radicals if they saw this.....

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Hillary in 2006: US Needs “Physical Barrier” to Keep Mexicans Out

It's only "racist" when Trump says it...

Information Liberation | Chris Menahan - June 9, 2016

Shocking video shows Hillary Clinton calling for deportations and the building of a “physical barrier” to keep Mexicans out of the US.

Hillary is seen arguing the policies of Mexico are “pushing migration north across our border” and says the US needs to “secure our borders” with “physical barriers,” implement “tougher employer sanctions” for hiring illegals and “deport” those who’ve “committed transgressions.”

The video is noteworthy because according to Clinton and her cronies, Trump is “racist” for advocating much the same policies.
Clinton has since “evolved” her positions to support mass amnestyending deportations and opening Obamacare to illegals.

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