Thursday, June 9, 2016


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1. Is A Recession Lurking Around The Corner? - by FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor Stephen Moore via Forbes

Ok, I’m going to just go out and say the dreaded R word. America may be skidding into another recession and the latest abysmal jobs report is the latest sign of troubled waters ahead.
One thing is for sure: ‎When Barack Obama traveled to Elkhart, Indiana on Wednesday, and boasted of how brilliantly the economy is performing his timing couldn’t have been worse. He now looks like he hangs out on Fantasy Island. No, things aren’t going well at all for workers.  Read more here...

2. Stephen Moore at FreedomWorks FreePAC: Morning in America Summit
Stephen Moore FreePAC.PNG

3. Obama to Aggressively Pursue 2016 Regulations Agenda - via The Hill

President Obama is putting the finishing touches on his regulatory legacy.
In recent weeks, the administration has issued a flurry of new rules to expand overtime pay to millions of Americans, combat climate change with stronger standards for methane emissions and protect senior investors with new requirements for financial advisers.
While the Obama administration is expected to pursue new rules aggressively in the months ahead, the window for issuing major regulations is nearly closed.  Read more here...
4. Law Enforcement Agencies Report $12 Million From Federal Asset Forfeiture - via The Missouri Times

Federal asset forfeiture netted 155 Missouri law enforcement agencies a total of more than $12 million in 2015, a report by the state auditor’s office shows.
Missouri law enforcement agencies are required by state law to report participation in federal asset forfeiture programs to the state auditor and the Department of Public Safety. The program allows local agencies who participate in federal asset seizures to retain a proportional percentage of the profits.  Read more here...
5. House to Hold Vote Against Carbon Tax - via The Washington Examiner
The House is expected to vote on a non-binding resolution later this week opposing a nationwide carbon tax on fossil fuels as part of any policy to address global warming.
The floor vote is sparking a conservative rush to rally lawmakers to back the measure.
The free-market American Energy Alliance began an Internet ad blitz Tuesday as part of a campaign to gain votes to show the Congress is standing firm against the idea of placing a carbon tax, or fee, on fossil fuels.
"The resolution opposes any carbon tax proposals and expresses the sense of Congress that a carbon tax would be detrimental to the United States economy," the group said.  Read more here...

Jason Pye
Communications Director, FreedomWorks

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