Thursday, June 9, 2016


BJ3: Cool....never did trust him anyway for VP...
From: MarieG21...Well isn't this interesting! This SPLAINS it all!.....
My Magic 8-Ball says "Could Be...".....
Wow! The Real Reason Newt Is Backstabbing Trump Will Shock You...According to an insider report Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump turned down a $200 Million dollar donation which would have obligated him to choose former Speaker Newt Gingrich as his Vice President.
Infowars reported: The mainstream media reported that casino magnate Sheldon Adelson was willing to contribute $100 million to Trump’s campaign, but what wasn’t reported was the additional $200 million the establishment offered Trump in exchange for picking Gingrich, one of the first D.C. insiders to try and cozy up to the mogul.When Trump declined the offer, however, Gingrich started lashing out at him publicly, including his recent claim that Trump made “one of his worst mistakes” for pointing out the federal judge handling the Trump University lawsuit has ties to the controversial La Raza Hispanic nationalist organization.It’d be unlikely for Gingrich to take such a weird stance in the matter unless he was already bitter at Trump – and trying to pressure him to change his mind.

BJ3: Best thing that all of these traitors come out of the woodwork now...From: sherzieve...GOP is bound and determined to overthrow Trump and elect Hillary!!! Cruz N.J. campaign state director calls for delegate revolt

From: Kirk MacKenzie... [CitizensNewswire] ...
Federal judge's immigration order encourages kidnapping, Obama administration lawyer claims.   Illegal immigrants hoping to win entry into the U.S. under a judge's interpretation of border policy are posing as families by kidnapping children before attempting to cross the Mexican border, the Obama administration told a federal appeals court on Tuesday.  

From: Sher Zieve   From: Dave Hollenbeck ...La Raza Founder - Kill the Gringos (José Angel Gutiérrez)

BJ3: Sorry for the no link here yesterday. But this webmail is distracting...From: Dave Hollenbeck...BUSTED: Mama’s Records Show #JudgeCuriel Was An Anchor Baby! #SanJose JUNE 7, 2016 BY CHARLES C. JOHNSON 
From: Pat T.....Trump’s Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a suspected lawbreaker by Jim Kouri – Conservative Base
From: Dave Hollenbeck.....Ann Coulter: Stunning New Development!!! Media Calls Trump Racist....

BJ3: That’s not bad...four out of thousands with full press video coverage...Four Suspects Face Charges from Violent Anti-Trump Riots in San Jose
From: The Angry Patriot...Watch – Reporter Gets Humiliated After Calling Anti-Amnesty Protester a ‘Racist’...
The Left’s Mobacracy...By Ben Shapiro...
From: The Angry Patriot...Watch – Monica Crowley Reveals This About Anti-Trump Judge on Live TV
Put the Wall in the Platform  By Phyllis Schlafly .....The promise to build a wall along America's southern border with Mexico has carried Trump to his remarkable victory in the GOP primaries for president. Now it's time to put that promise into the official Republican Party Platform.
From: Jenny...Feds spend nearly $20,000 to settle every refugee... Federal taxpayers are on the hook for nearly $20,000 just to settle each refugee and asylum seeker, who are then immediately eligible for cash welfare, food stamps, housing and medical aid, according to a new report on the "refugee industry." 
From: Jenny...HISTORY! Trump Shatters Republican Primary Vote Record by 1.4 Million Votes 
From: chuckolb...Going Rogue: Trump's Refusal to Play GOP Rebecca Berg...Republican Party leaders hoped that Donald Trump would seize the window of time between the end of the primary and the start of the convention to grow his campaign and evolve as a candidate, shifting and softening his message to win a broader audience in the general election. It hasn’t exactly worked out that way. Instead, Trump has held steady to the course that brought him to victory in the Republican primary: keeping his organization small and top-down, holding large-scale rallies, and shrugging off traditional campaign features such as data, polling and fundraising. [...]
From: chuckolb...Excellent Analysis ...Why Trump Will SMASH Hillary - 579,250+ views (15:41)
BJ3: I wouldn’t trust that snake behind me at all...or anywhere near me.  From: Jenny...Ryan to GOP House Colleagues: Time to Unite Behind Trump 
BJ3: Has anyone confirmed this yet?...From: Lee S Gliddon Jr    
From: Tony Caputo.....
Hillary Clinton Converts to Islam to Run for President - To affirm U.S. commitment to Islamic Socialism in the Middle East through the establishment of a Islamic Socialist Caliphate, as well as demonstrate her loyalty to the Socialist Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton has converted to Islam so as to become America’s first Muslim presidential candidate.
From: charlite... Reports of her murderous, terrifying temper tantrums and assaults upon BJ were already publicly known while she was conducting her own personal presidency in the White House. This important issue has never been picked up or featured over a 20 year period. Now that this new tell-all book is on the market, the wild, undisciplined verbal and physical aggression - her untamed, irresponsible rages behind closed doors - should be featured. Hillary has 2 faces, like she had 2 private email now made partially public, the other one super-secret. She's one person in public (the phony one) and another in private (the real Hillary - an uglier persona you'd never find. Her rampage through Wellesley College featured the fear that she generated among fellow classmates and students who challenged her ferocious drive for power and position. She did the same thing - only much worse, more terrifying - to every member of the Clinton WH staff. This woman really IS a WMD all by herself. – CB.....Hillary Clinton’s shocking domestic abuse scandal - [PLS DISTRIBUTE]

Lawmaker Lets MASSIVE Secret Slip About Obama’s Illegal Alien Secret…
VIDEO: Thug Threatens to Kill Trump, Gets TRIPLE Helping of Brutal Justice
From: Debbie...a Debbierantary...HUH????  All the idiots who say Islam prays to the same's the religion of peace...only the zealots are a problem are feeding this savage monster.  Offend them, my a$$$! What is wrong with people?  My flag offends you?  Get out of my country and off our welfare and out of our jobs!  My religion offends you?  Same thing. Eat s..t and die...GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY and get out of my church!  And....get all your dirty asses pointing up in the air off our streets.  Are they still taking over the street in New York City to hold their evening prayers...??????   I'd just as soon take a machete to their outstretched hands that are demanding and begging while the other is pulling a saber or setting off an IED.
From: Jenny...Bilderberg Leak: Secretive Group to Discuss Internet ID, Global Tax...Elitists seek to eviscerate online anonymity, chill free speech 
From: Jenny...Video: Judge Begs Americans To “Wake Up” Over FBI Web Snooping Law...“Decades-old assault” on the Fourth Amendment.Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano has issued a stark warning over legislation being considered by Congress that would allow the FBI free access to the web browsing history of all Americans without a warrant.”
From: Jenny...PIERS MORGAN: To some Bretagne was only a dog, to me the life and death of this American hero shows the true meaning of service  

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