Friday, July 18, 2014

Scott Lively's position on immigration (no hemming and hawing here!) ELECT HIM AS MA GOVERNOR

Submitted by: Donald Hank

Lively Policy on Immigration:
Rescue Obama’s ‘Human Shields’ and Send Them Home with Escorts
  There’s a long line at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. You’ve been patiently waiting your turn for what seems like hours, with a handful of paperwork you painstaking filled out before you got into line. Suddenly a new group of people come in and walk right to the front of the line. You think they’re going to cut in and you start to join the grumbling of the other people in line with you, when suddenly the RMV supervisor steps up to the counter and starts handing out free passes to all the people in the new group. They don’t even have to deal with the clerk. “No waiting. No paperwork. No scrutiny. No regulations. No consequences,” says the supervisor, “in fact, you can use these free passes to get every sort of social service benefits for you and your family at no cost to you.”

Still in line, fuming, you feel like a chump for following the rules.
Welcome to the Bush/Obama “immigration” scheme. You now know what the rest of the law-abiding citizens of the world feel like who want to emigrate legally to the United States.
I call it the Bush/Obama “scheme” but its really more of a conspiracy. The Democrat and Republican globalist “elites” want a borderless North American Union along the model of the European Union and they’re determined to have it, constitution be damned. Bush 41 started in with NAFTA, Bush 43 continued it with a law granting special “free pass” status to minors seeking asylum in the US, and Obama intends to complete the process with a tidal wave of minors recruited from Central America and shipped to the border on NAFTA’s Kansas City Southern de Mexico railway line (an American company). Kudos to Phyllis Schlafly for a great article on this.
It’s the old Marxist tactic of fomenting chaos to destabilize the system you want to convert to Socialist control. But even worse, this particular destabilization effort creates its chaos by using children as "political human shields"!
The political elites whom I believe have orchestrated this sudden wave of "refugees" to coincide with President Obama's adoption of Amnesty as his domestic priority are just like the Hamas terrorists who use innocents as human shields in Gaza. These children are pawns in an evil game designed to exploit our humanity and use it against us.
It is the worst form of manipulation because it traps the good guys in a complex lose/lose moral dilemma. Do we protect ourselves from an insidious attack on our social order and its legal underpinnings by heartlessly turning foreign children away at the border? Or do we abandon the notion of national sovereignty and the rule of law out of genuine compassion for innocents being exploited as political pawns? To borrow the language of our Founders: “A pox on those who hatched this devilish plot!”
In my view we have no choice but to care for these children because they are innocent, but we must work diligently to return them and every illegal immigrant to their country of origin so they can get in line behind the law abiding applicants who are seeking entry properly.
Rather than rewarding those who gained (or gamed) their entry to the United States by cheating (I'm speaking now of the adults who have been here for a long time), it is time to ask the illegal immigrants to take all that they have learned about living in an orderly democratic society back to their homelands so they can recreate there what they have enjoyed here.
Frankly, it is these very adults who are most responsible for these children and other neighbors they left behind in the selfish pursuit of their own prosperity. It is they who set the bad example that these children are now following. Send them all back together -- the long-term illegals serving as escorts for the children -- along with whatever assistance they all need to get settled back in to their communities. (It won’t cost even a fraction of what we’ll pay if they stay here). And perhaps back there we can help them establish for their children a semblance of what our parents and grandparents created for us here in the U.S..
If any case, they can at any time and for any reason get back in line and seek entry legally.

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