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.These are not necessarily our views; more in fairness to all sides.
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National MiddleClass Network DAILY Briefer – 7-17-14
Note: This is a "DAILY" Briefer. "If you DON'T get one DAILY, say something". THX
...and don’t forget Rush at the end...and The War on the Suburbs.

From: Sher  From: Rob E Illegal Alien With 7 Kids Got Food Stamps, Housing

From: Sher.....Obama is actively replacing US citizens with illegals...From: Rob E
Activist: Illegals Taking Shelters Meant For Homeless Americans | The Daily Caller

MAIA’s OPEN LETTER to Arizona Congressman MATT SALMON | Mothers Against Illegal Aliens

From: BJ3... Sent to the congressman...
Yep, that would be be a great starter.  Then, since you all know who and where they are...continue by DEPORTING THEM BACK TO MEXICO since that’s where most came through on agreement. More to come to after this. Later we can talk about recovering the $BILLIONS that each of the states are losing in subsidization.
From: Sher.....How about CLOSE THE BLASTED BORDER!  Just a thought...From: "cam39470"
Another congressman who wants ideas on what to do about the Border crisis
From: Congressman Jared Polis Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 5:47 PM Subject: Border crisis

From: Sher

From” CommieBlaster.....Connecticut Rejects Housing Illegals

Sher Zieve    From: charlite58..........Important 30 min. broadcast
Obama Investigators: FAA Destroyed Fuddy Accident Documents; Some Shock Claims -

From: Sher   From: "doug walk"
Hundreds of cities fight back against ‘invasion’
(Let them camp out at the “former” whitehouse)

From: Sher      From: Rob E
Lawmaker promising action against groups who house illegal immigrants - Fox 2 News Headlines

From: Sher   From: John Rolls
UN Hush-Hush About ‘Refugees’ in US – Nations In Region Want Global Body To Force Asylum For Illegals - Dr. Jerome R. Corsi 

From: Sher.....Correct....From: "Dave Hollenbeck"
Importing Revolution ...By Fay Voshell, American Thinker

One sign of an imperial government is that it does what it wishes with whole populations. It can shift some here; move some there. It can deport some there; import some here. Who will say “No” when facing armed might? Authoritarian governments can pretty much do what they wish to do.   The motives behind moving whole populations via executive fiat break down into two main categories.    LINK

From: BJ3...GOOD GOOD GOOD...will be in our next Briefer (IF we can get it out again)  

It Has Begun! UN Building a World Army to Usher in NWO and Disarm Citizens Everywhere! High Treason is Being Committed Right Under Our Noses!! (video) 

From: Lynn Teger
stop common core.....petitions
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From: Sher Zieve      From: "Dave Hollenbeck"
He has to be removed....
by Walter Mark Whiteman, ©2014, blogging at Sankey, P.I.
(Jul. 9, 2014) — Many believe if Obama is gone today everything can be fixed, I disagree. I believe if Obama gets removed without the fraud used to empower him being exposed, we will worsen the problems we have. Obama surely did not get in and maintain power on his own. There is a vast left wing network that is covering for him. Plain and simple we are an infiltrated nation.   If Obama’s fraud is not exposed the power structure that has used lies, frauds, and cons to empower themselves, will continue.  LINK
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