Friday, July 18, 2014


Like me, you’re outraged that most of today’s college campuses are liberal indoctrination centers.
You, and thousands of friends like you, voted overwhelmingly in my recent poll that conservatives must fight back on college campuses.
My Leadership Institute greatly helps conservative college students fight against the domination of liberal professors and administrators on campus.
Because if conservative principles are exterminated in our nation’s colleges, there will not be a new generation of conservative leaders.
Let me tell you how the Leadership Institute helps rolls back the leftist campus monopoly.
The Leadership Institute exposes liberal bias and leftist indoctrination on college campuses to a national audience.
So let me introduce you to, the Leadership Institute’s campus news watchdog website. acts as an “air assault” to help students on campus battlefields.
I launched in 2009.  That first year, the website received only 49,741 unique visitors.
Since then, readership has skyrocketed.  In 2013, the Institute’s website received 3,762,485 unique visitors.
And just about every week, news coverage – and even our investigative reporters – appear on media outlets like Fox News, The Blaze, Breitbart, and more.
Rush Limbaugh said is “one of my all-time fast-becoming favorite websites.”  Glenn Beck hailed the Institute’s website as “exactly what we need.”
And it’s easy to see why.
The Leadership Institute’s harnesses the power of online media to bring leftist bias, indoctrination, and abuses on college campuses to light – and to hold leftists to account.
From catching professors’ anti-conservative remarks on video, to exposing to a large audience their bullying of conservative students in class, the Institute’s helps courageous young conservative activists on campus to become tomorrow’s conservative leaders.
Thanks to generous donors like you,’s investigative journalism has exposed leftist abuses – resulting in university policies changed, professors suspended ... and even fired.
That’s impact.
The Institute’s is a powerful weapon in our effort to preserve conservative principles for the next generation – and it’s made possible by the support of dedicated patriots like you.
Thank you so much for your continued support.
Morton C. Blackwell
Leadership Institute

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