Monday, June 23, 2014


Dear Supporter,
Lois Lerner, the IRS official at the center of the IRS scandal, is refusing to testify before Congress.
What is she hiding?
The two years’ worth of emails that have mysteriously disappeared from her hard drive may provide a clue.
But alas, her hard drive has been destroyed.

No one knows why.
And while Congress is trying to get to the bottom of this unprecedented scandal, the liberal media are engaged in an elaborate cover-up.
The so-called “news media” are either not reporting on this scandal at all or spinning it wildly.  
In the face of new damning evidence of thousands of “missing” emails and destroyed computers that screams cover-up, the shameless leftist zealots in the media continue to dutifully execute the marching orders issued to them by President Obama last year: this is a “phony scandal” that must be suppressed from the public.
The media’s refusal to treat the IRS scandal and the missing emails as a front page story on government abuse of power is the height of unethical journalism.
Help us expose and neutralize this unholy alliance between media and state by signing the MRC’s petition at
It’s the most important action you can take to hold the Left’s chief propagandists in the liberal media accountable for their efforts to keep Americans in the dark about how the IRS tried to censor conservative speech months before the 2012 election.
Thank you for taking the lead on this critical issue.


The MRC Action Team

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