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LIFE NEWS 06/23/2014

Sudan Court Will Free Meriam Ibrahim, Sentenced to Death for Her Christian Faith Reports today indicate the Sudan court has reversed itself and will free Meriam Ibraham, the pregnant Christian woman jailed and sentenced to be flogged and hanged for her Christian faith. Meriam was later forced to give birth in chains in a Sudanese prison as she awaited a death sentence ad brutal flogging by Muslim officials.
“The appeal court ordered the release of Mariam Yahya [Ibrahim] and the cancellation of the [previous] court ruling,” Sudan’s SUNA news agency said on Monday.

Presbyterian Church USA Defeats Motion to Care for Babies Born Alive After AbortionThe Presbyterian Church USA has voted to endorse Kermit Gosnell. Delegates meeting in Detroit at the 221st General Assembly of the 1.8 million–member Presbyterian Church (USA) voted down a measure that would have the church endorse care for babies born alive after abortions.
From World Magazine: Also Thursday, 78 percent of the PCUSA General Assembly struck down a resolution condemning the killing of babies born alive during abortions, as occurred with notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Initiated by the South Alabama presbytery, it called for inclusion of pro-life Presbyterians and an investigation into doctrinal and financial support of abortion.
Doctors Offer Free Surgery for Girl Kicked Out of KFC Restaurant Over Scars on Her Face Remember the little girl who was in the news recently because she was kicked out of a KFC restaurant after customers were “freaked out” about the scarring on her face from a vicious dog attack?
KFC did a great job of responding to what happened, apologizing and giving her $30,000 towards medical bills, but now there is more good news.

How Can Atheists and Agnostics Possibly be Pro-Life on Abortion?
I’ve had a few Christian pro-life friends of mine (kindly) tell me they don’t really understand how a secularist can defend the pro-life position. Sure, they get that we don’t need religion to understand fetal development, and we don’t need to believe in a god to recognize that abortion is violence. But they trip over how a secularist could defend the pro-life view on a metaphysical level. Why should secularists care about fetal development or the violence of abortion? What transcendent reason do we have to care about human life in the first place?
In other words, these Christian pro-life friends of mine want to know how I, as a secularist, can truly defend the pro-life position without the Imago Dei.
She Was Attacked for Not Aborting Her Baby With No Eyes, Now He’s Had a Miracle SurgeryLifeNews printed a story last year about an amazing mom and her awesome son, Christian. When Lacey was pregnant with Christian he was diagnosed with fetal abnormalities. christian7Lacey and her husband didn’t even know if Christian would survive until birth. Christian survived the pregnancy and was born with no eyes and a cleft palate.
We reported on the story last year because a lot of offensive comments were being made about children with disabilities.
There is No Such Thing as a “Pro-Choice” ChristianWhat if I told you that I believe it’s OK to physically abuse your household pets?
Hold on. Don’t jump on my case about it. I’m saying it’s acceptable to torture and torment pets — but only pets. And only your own pets. You certainly can’t go around drop kicking, headbutting, or piledriving your neighbor’s dog, but your dog is a different story.
Mommy Blogger Charged With Poisoning 5-Year-Old Son to Death for More Blog TrafficGarnett Spears died at the young age of five years old in January, six days after he had been rushed to the hospital. His sodium levels had risen, though there was no medical explanation.
But this last hospital stay was hardly Garnett’s only one. From when he was first born, he was in and out of the hospital, his first visit when he was five days old and bleeding from an ear infection. He even was on feeding tubes for most of his life. And so, his mother, Lacey Spears, began to blog, to share her son’s illness with readers who would listen, in order to gain support, and also, attention. And she may have gone so far as to kill her own son to achieve such attention.

9 Things I Would Ask an Abortionist Over Coffee Daniel from Canada recently asked me this question: “What should pro-lifers say to someone who performs abortions?”

Father Pleads Guilty to Beating His Teen Daughter for Refusing to Have Abortion Once again abortion and domestic violence are intertwined as earlier this month an Ohio father pled guilty to beating his 17-year-old daughter for refusing to have an abortion.
President Obama’s Record: More Babies Aborted Than Jobs Created Leading pro-life activist Gary Bauer, the former presidential candidate who is now the head of the group American Values, says President Barack Obama will have a terrifying legacy once he leaves office: more babies aborted than jobs created.
Wendy Davis Forced to Give Away Tickets to Filibuster Anniversary Bash After Few Register Apparently the Wendy Davis gubernatorial campaign got so few people forking out money to celebrate her one-year-anniversary of a filibuster of a bill to ban late-term abortions that it was forced to give away tickets.
Baby Gets Some Help Learning How to Crawl From a Furry Friend A heartwarming video that has gone viral on the Internet today shows a furry friend helping an infant baby learn how to crawl.
Planned Parenthood Accuses NBC of Censoring Ad for Romantic Comedy on Abortion NBC recently refused to air ads for “Obvious Child” because the new film addresses abortion, New York Post’s Page Six reported.
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Pro-Lifers Defeat New York Bill Allowing Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them The pro-life community in New York has again defeated legislation in the state legislature that could have allowed a particularly gruesome method of late-term abortions.
How Did This Pro-Life Group Successfully Infiltrate and Crash a Planned Parenthood Fundraiser? The Stand True Mission Team arrived at the Packard Museum in Dayton, OH about an hour before the Planned Parenthood fundraiser was scheduled to begin.
Chile Will Legalize Abortions to Save the Mother’s Life, If The Baby Will Die Chile’s UN Ambassador to Geneva H.E Ms Maria Maurás Pérez announced last Thursday (June 19th), during consideration of the outcome of Chile’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.
NPR Heralds Abortion Comedy “Obvious Child” As “Momentous” Movie, “Sweet And Lovely” As suspected, there is no more favorable publicity outlet for an “abortion comedy” like NPR. On the June 13 Fresh Air, film critic David Edelstein loved the concept in Obvious Child..
Court Strikes Down Austin, Texas Law Designed to Shutter Pregnancy Centers A court has struck down a law abortion activists on the Austin city council approved that was designed to cripple the efforts of pregnancy centers to provide women with abortion alternatives.
Pro-Lifers: Enda Kenny’s Abortion Comments are “Downright Misleading” The Pro Life Campaign has strongly criticised Taoiseach Enda Kenny over what they described as his “downright misleading” comments on abortion on RTÉ’s The Meaning of Life.
Harry Reid Pushes Democratic Measure That Could Silence Pro-Life Groups Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid is pushing a measure that would curtail the free speech rights of pro-life groups
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Will Veto Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stated during a press conference that he is opposed to the assisted suicide bill that is sponsored by Assemblyman John Burzichelli.

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