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Submitted by: Joan Biz

Halalection: Ballot Fraud in Election of Muslim For Mayor

America is going to see more and more of what I call “Election Jihad” or “Halalections” in its future–in which Muslims get elected to office through election fraud because our courts and officials refuse to enforce and/or uphold our election laws, particularly those requiring identification.
Recent Detroit suburb election wins by extremist Muslim immigrants are yet two more reasons we need courts to uphold strict election and voter identification laws and why it matters so much. This should be the case not just for Election Day voters, but for those seeking absentee ballots. Take the case of Arab Muslim immigrant, Abdul Algazali, a man who might be elected m.... And that’s not to mention that he is probably not eligible for office since he has multiple delinquencies on his property taxes.
I’ve written many times before about the Islamization of the City of Ham..., which is wholly surrounded on all sides by the City of Detroit. Hamtramckstan, as I call it, went from being a city of Polish immigrants (including my great-uncle, Chaim Dorman, who had shoe stores there) to one dominated by Muslim extremists mostly from Bangladesh, Yemen, and Baltic and Slavic countries. This is a city in which residents are subject to the noise pollution of the Muslim call to prayer from early in the morning to late at night, and where animals to be brutally sacrificed for Muslim holidays roam the streets and then are dismembered in unsanitary ways. It’s the city where there are shariah-compliant, female-only proms and the Polish Catholic heritage is deliberately being erased to appease Muslims. Now, the man who overwhelmingly won the city’s primary for Mayor, extremist Muslim chiropractor, Dr. Abdul Algazali, a Yemeni Muslim Arab immigrant, may owe his victory to election fraud.
The mullet-haired Algazali, who hails from Yemen, bested longtime Hamtramck Polish Mayor, Karen Majewski, in Hamtramck’s recent primary election because of absentee votes. What is unusual is that there were twice the number of absentee ballots submitted in this minor primary election during the summer of 2013 than there were for the 2012 Presidential Election in November. And the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office is now investigating the election, after strong allegations–and appearances–of fraud. When you have twice the number of absentee ballots for a minor summer primary election as you do for a major Presidential Election, there’s definitely fraud. Especially when the city is dominated by Muslim immigrants–many of them illegal aliens–and the Muslims won the election, as is the case here and in other results in the Hamtramckstan primary.
Michigan law requires that absentee ballots be mailed or returned in person by the voter or a member of the voter’s household. But several Muslim men turned delivered ballots for non-relatives to the Hamtrack clerk’s office, with the identical handwriting for return addresses on all the ballots. And yet the handwriting did not match the voters’ signatures.
Then, there is Dr. Algazali’s tax situation. Hamtramck law says that a person is ineligible to hold office if he/she/it owes the city back taxes. And, yet, as several Detroit media sources have reported, Dr. Algazali owes $9,498.67 in taxes, fees and interest for his chiropractor’s office at 9222 Joseph Campau for 2011. And he owes $4,886.41 on a property at 9214 Joseph Campau, $2,303.07 on a property at 8542 Joseph Campau, and $370.38 for a tax delinquency at another location. Almost all of these properties are either facing foreclosure or in danger of it.
So much for the claim that Muslims are productive citizens of American society. Well, I guess you could call this “productive,” but not in the way were told.
Hamtramckstan is the future of America, just as nearby Dearbornistan is. We did nothing to stop Islamic immigration, and now they are demographically on an upward trajectory while all other groups are on a downward one in the American population.
Good luck with that, America. Dr. Algazali is just one of many like him who’ve been elected and will be elected to hold office and set policy here in the years to come.
Halalections don’t bode well for the future of the West. In fact, they mean that the West won’t have a future.

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