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LIFE NEWS 09/27/2013

Senate Democrats Block Republicans’ Effort to Defund Pro-Abortion Obamacare
With the Senate voting 54-44 on a party-line vote today, Senate Democrats blocked an effort by Republicans to de-fund the Obamacare legislation that pro-life groups oppose because it will fund abortions and presents rationing concerns.
AP has more on the vote: The Democratic-led Senate has blocked an effort to strip money from the president’s health care law. The party-line, 54-44 vote clears the last obstacle to Senate approval of a measures aimed at preventing a government shutdown on Tuesday.
Abortion Activists Sue to Stop Pro-Life Texas Law Closing Abortion Clinics
Leading abortion advocacy groups today filed a lawsuit seeking to stop the pro-life law Texas passed over Wendy Davis’ infamous objections that bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
However, abortion advocates are not challenging the abortion ban – they are going after the abortion facility regulations responsible for closing some abortion clinics already and potentially closing a more.

Pro-Life Leaders Pledge: We Will Not Obey Obamacare’s Abortion Funding, HHS Mandate
For several months now, prominent pro-life leaders have been meeting to discuss what action must be taken when, on October 1, 2013, the Exchanges open and a large majority of health insurance policies are found to contain direct or indirect funding for abortion.
Through long meetings and meticulous discussion, a coalition of pro-life leaders has developed a unified response to the Affordable Care Act’s relentless endeavors to guarantee funding for abortion through everything from individual citizens to private businesses and non-profit organizations – with absolutely no regard to any religious liberty or conscientious objections.
Lawsuit Against Texas’ Pro-Life Bill Hurts Women, Protects Abortion Industry’s Bottom Line
Today, in an attempt to protect their bottom line, abortion advocates filed suit against portions of House Bill 2, the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill Governor Rick Perry signed into law July 18.
Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates from across Texas are joined by the Center for Reproductive Rights and the American Civil Liberties Union in suing the state of Texas over the language that raises medical standards of abortion providers.

Abortionist: We Invite Moms to Hold Their Babies After Abortions
A recent interview with late-term abortionist Dr. Susan Robinson has drawn significant attention for some of the ways Robinson attempts to humanize the process of destroying the lives of unborn children in late-term abortions.
Although surveys show women frequently regret their abortions and face a litany of medical and mental health problems following an abortion, Robinson attempts to make women feel better about their decision in a sick and twisted sort of way.
Obamacare Insurance Plans Will Limit Your Hospital and Specialist Choices
Starting Tuesday, October 1, people around the country will begin enrolling in “exchanges” mandated by the Obama Health Care Law, choosing their health insurance for 2014. When they do so, however, many will find their alternatives limited to cut-rate plans that allow them to see only narrow groups of health care providers that exclude the best specialists and health care centers.
A New York Times article titled, “Lower Health Insurance Premiums to Come at Cost of Fewer Choices” explains!

Inside the Mind of Abortionist and Convicted Murderer Kermit Gosnell
I never wrote this, but after abortionist Kermit Gosnell was sentenced I KNEW we had not heard the last of a man convicted of three counts of first-degree murder and one count of involuntary manslaughter. Why? Simply because I had read the interview he had given March 22, 2010, to David Gambacorta of the Philadelphia Daily News long before the trial began (“DOCTOR FROM HELL . . . OR GODSEND?”), the excusatory comments of Jack McMahon, his defense attorney during and after the trial, and what the Grand Jury report said about a man who operated a “House of Horrors.”
So why would that add up to a second act for a man who had been convicted of murdering three babies he’d deliberated aborted alive and then severed their spinal cords and whose untrained, uneducated staff had over-medicated a 41-year-old refugee? Because Gosnell—hard as this is to believe, let alone stomach—clearly sees himself as a victim. Indeed he sees himself as a misunderstood…hero.
Rap Song’s Amazing Message: “Mommy Am I in Your Womb or Swimming in My Grave?”
Brandon Kagel was born into a Jewish family as a triplet with two sisters and an older brother. This Phoenix, Arizona native is now a devoted husband and father of two.

Had He Been Aborted, Teddy Kremer Couldn’t Bring the Cincinnati Reds Joy
It was one of the most heartwarming moments of the 2013 baseball season. On April 18, after a pep-talk from his “best friend and greatest batboy,” Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier ripped a two-run homer to center field off John Maine, extending the Reds lead to 11-1 over the Miami Marlins in the sixth.
Women Reflect on Their Abortions: “It Was Terrible, I Hated Myself for It”
You’ve probably said it yourself. A picture is worth a thousand words. It can tell a story, evoke emotion and leave behind a lasting impressi.

Sandra Bullock Loves Her Adopted Son and Would be “Totally Okay” With 5 More Kids
Who doesn’t have a soft spot for Sandra Bullock? From ‘Miss Congeniality’ to ‘The Blind Side’ her funny, sweet performances have captured the hearts of movie goers worldwide. I loved her role as Birdie alongside Harry Connick Jr. in the romantic drama ‘Hope Floats’. The story of a broken lady learning to love again touched my sentimental heart..
Dear Abortion Clinic Workers: You’re Killing Babies and Your Soul, But There’s Hope
You may be a nurse or a doctor. Maybe you’re a receptionist or a janitor. I don’t know exactly what your work in the abortion clinic is or what kind of service you provide to others who work in the clinic. I don’t know what you see or do every day. I don’t know what you dream about at night.
Aborting Kids With Down Syndrome: Ability Should Not Determine Worth
In a land of “liberty” and “opportunity” it is difficult to imagine a person’s worth being assigned to him based on his ability, yet this is exactly what we do when we allow elective abortion based on a genetic abnormality diagnosis.
The Christian Response to Abortion: Choosing Hope Over Despair
Religion rarely becomes the lead story on cable news, but it did this past week, following the publication of an interview with Pope Francis published in “America” magazine.
Student at Indiana University Vandalizes Pro-Life Display, Screams “Abortion is Awesome”"
Yesterday, the Students for Life at Indiana University gathered in Dunn Meadow outside of the Student Union as part of the Planned Parenthood Project tour that is visiting over 41 campuses across the United States this fall.
Mad Scientists Gone Wild: Now is the Time to Stop Three-Parent Human Embryos
In light of the recent study indicating the safety concerns with 3-parent IVF in animal studies–and given the pronounced ethical concerns–the Center for Bioethics and Culture asked me to flesh out my views about the contentious biotechnology.
Debating Abortion: Six Pro-Life Tips for Arguing With Analogies Clearly
I published a listener mail video at the Life Report site that I think is worth highlighting here.
Resisting the Population Control Elite Hovering Over Africa
Some days ago, a good friend of mine brought to my attention a recent article published by the Telegraph on Sir David Attenborough’s thoughts and opinion on the topical issue of hunger in Africa.


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