Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Heller Applauds Committee Passage of Yerington Lands Bill

Legislation adds nearly 1,300 jobs in Lyon County

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources voted to move forward with legislation that would create nearly 1,300 jobs in Lyon County, Nevada. The Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act (S. 159) conveys federal land for fair market value to the City of Yerington for responsible mineral development and long-term sustainable planning.
“This is a balanced proposal that creates jobs and conserves important lands for future generations. It enjoys the support of the entire Nevada Delegation and will create over 1,300 jobs in one of the Silver State’s most distressed counties, all while conserving important habitat for generations to come. I am pleased the Energy Committee has recognized the importance of this legislation because Nevadans deserve jobs and the Lyon County jobs bill is vital in order for our state’s economy to grow.”
“I am hopeful that Representatives Amodei and Horsford are able to move this bill through the House of Representatives to ensure the momentum on this important legislation is not lost,” said Senator Dean Heller.

Bill Summary:
The Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act will allow the City of Yerington to partner with Nevada Copper to develop roughly 12,500 acres of land surrounding the Nevada Copper Pumpkin Hollow project site.  The land purchased by the city will be used for mining activities, industrial and renewable energy development, recreation, and open space.  The bill also establishes the Wovoka Wilderness to protect cultural resources and important habitat for generations to come. The legislation will facilitate the creation of approximately 500 construction jobs in the next year and nearly 800 jobs when the property is fully utilized as expected. 
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