Monday, February 4, 2013


1. Enemies of the Constitution


2. Coup d’etat in America – Evidence Mounts


3. Are You Kidding? President Obama Invokes Authoritarian Liberalism And Recreates SubPrime Fiasco


4. Dismantle The Totalitarian Monster & Take Control Over Your Own Lives


5. Tyranny Or Stupidity? – The Total Irrationality of the New Gun Control Movement


6. The World is Going to War-Gerald Celente Video


7. RIP: Our Expansionist Central State – Video


8. Obama Admin Looks To Control Americans’ $19.4 Trillion In Retirement Accounts


9. Escape From America : Or At Least Get Your Money Out. Doug Casey Interviews Peter Schiff – Video


10. By Printing Money Central Banks Have Already Begun the Next War


11. Dow Off Over 100, Italy And Spain Are Getting Destroyed!!! TrimTabs: “We Increasingly
 Do Not Like What We See … Investors Are Piling Into Stocks … While Companies Are No Longer Supporting Share Prices.”


12. Bill O’Reilly Warning to Americans….America Projected To Collapse 2013 – Video


13. The Canary in the Culture



14. Traitorous U.S. Foreign Policy Supports The Violent Growth Of Islam


15. CT Cop Goes Public: Exposes Sandy Hook’s Contradictions, Inconsistencies & Gun Grab Agenda – Videos 1&2


16. Emergency : Crisis For The Boy Scouts Of America

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