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RedState Briefing 02/04/2013

Morning Briefing
For February 3, 2013

1.  Thank God for American Crossroads and the Conservative Victory Project
American Crossroads is creating a new Super PAC to crush conservatives, destroy the tea party, and put a bunch of squishes in Republican leadership positions. Thank God they are behind this. In 2012, they spent hundreds of millions of rich donors’ money and had jack to show for it.

It is interesting though. The people who brought us No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, TARP, the GM bailout, Harriet Miers, etc., etc., etc. are really hacked off that people have been rejecting them. In 2012, about the only successful Republican candidates were the ones who directly rejected the legacy of these people.

So now they will up their game. They don’t like being shut out. They blame the tea party and conservatives for their failure to win primaries. They’ll now try to match conservatives and, in the process, call themselves conservatives.

I dare say any candidate who gets this group’s support should be targeted for destruction by the conservative movement. They’ve made it really easy not to figure out who the terrible candidates will be in 2014. . . . please click here for the rest of the post 

2. Surely You’re Joking, Dr. Chu!
With the toner barely dry on Dr. Steven Chu’s resignation from his post as Secretary of Energy, the building of a mythology complete with tales of the Physics professor’s Feynman-esque insight is well underway. . . . please click here for the rest of the post 

3.  Schumer: Indeed Enforcement is Not a Precondition to Citizenship
All things equal, when preparing to compromise on a policy issue, it is better for conservatives to first work together to craft a statement of principles, conditions, and red lines before signing onto a plan enthusiastically backed by the left.  That is why it is so disconcerting that the statement of “conservative principles” on the issue of immigration was first crafted with Chuck Schumer.

When speaking with conservative figures in the blogosphere and on talk radio, Senator Marco Rubio has rightfully pointed out that he desired to get Democrats on record as supporting major reforms.  He wrote in these pages earlier this week that conservatives won important concessions from Democrats in that they have agreed to make enforcement a precondition to any legalization. . . . please click here for the rest of the post 

4.  Reflections on the American Revolution: The Militia
How did thirteen colonies, with a barely functioning central government and a thrown-together, underfunded and poorly supplied army of constantly fluctuating size and composition, win the Revolutionary War? One reason was the colonies’ ability to rely on their common citizens to supplement the Continental Army with local militia. I’ve looked previously at the demographic and physical conditions and foreign alliances that shaped the war and the generals who led the armies. Let’s conclude this tour of the American Revolution with the militia. . . . please click here for the rest of the post 
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