Thursday, November 3, 2011


Dear Patriot,
The political fat cats in Washington have run up the national credit card to obscene levels, and they've proven that they have no semblance of Sign the Petitionself-control when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars. 
We the People cannot stand for this! We cannot sit by any longer as politicians steal from our children and grandchildren to fund their pet projects and pork-barrel spending!
If you're sick of the federal government trying to spend its way out of debt, then please take a moment to sign our Stop Spending Now petition! We've sent over 2 million letters to Congress demanding action, and we know that by continuing to escalate our grassroots activism, we can force them to take notice.

Sign the petition now to let Congress know they must stop the insane spending! *You do not need to contribute in order to use the system, but your generous donations allow us to continue to provide this service free of charge to patriots all across the country.
Thank you,
Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer

P.S. Our strength is in numbers. Please help our efforts by forwarding to a friend.

To make a contribution by mail, please click here or

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