Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Submitted by: Nancy Battle 
Two of the MOST HELPFUL videos ...shows product items with label names, some phone numbers of suppliers..lots of hints on what to to store...share this with everyone...this guy might make more than the average person, but if we shop wisely, we can all get SOME of this stuff...hopefully, we won’t have to use it, but like he says...we buy car insurance and life insurance etc....and this is just like life insurance for us and our loved ones...can you imagine being without power for weeks on end and no gas for trucks etc. to get food etc. to stores so we can shop...well...this is the answer...have it stored in your own place.  What will you say to your children when they are thirsty and hungry and you didn’t prepare...?  Forget the pizza and fast food splurges...spend your money on survival...the way the world and economy is going we could be in for a VERY bumpy road ahead.

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