Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The GOP Needs to Stop Compromising and start Looking for the Next Conservative President

by lisarichardsusa

The GOP is not shy of Republican presidential candidates, and the GOP race is not lacking a few conservatives, but, the GOP doesn’t seem to want a conservative to replace President Obama. And therein lay the problem for Conservative Republican voters. The GOP needs to stop pushing for Democrats in GOP clothing as the presidential nominee and start looking for the next conservative president.
The GOP and Republican voters have a had a longing to reelect Ronald Reagan since 1988. Why shouldn’t Republicans, Reagan was a Conservative Republican who rescued this country from the disastrous four years of Jimmy Carter's taxation and inflation. Reagan's immigration amnesty policy was wrong, as are some other Republican candidates on this issue, but Reagan is still the twentieth-century’s Conservative Republican’s pride. Not to mention, Reagan had a following of Democrats still known as “Reagan Democrats.”  

Regardless of conservatives admiration for Reagan, there is one major hitch in the GOP’s longing to find another Reagan: there was only one Ronald Reagan and the GOP cannot resurrect him.  The Reagan era and the man are both gone and neither can return. That being said, Republicans should not compromise and nominate a Democrat-minded Republican, i.e. progressive, just to win the 2012 election and unseat Barack Obama.
Americans love specific presidents. Americans love leaders who fought to create and save this nation during crisis and made this nation great. This displays the deep desire many Americans have to preserve America to posterity. However, no matter the great extent to which Americans love certain presidents extends, America cannot go back in time and we Americans cannot clone those men.
Leave the cloning to Democrats. They have a terrible habit of resurrecting their Progressive Marxist/Communist leftist presidents. So please, let’s leave Mary Shelley and Frankenstein to the Democrats. The Democrats are experts at creating disasters and heaping failure and misfortune full-force on the nation. Thus, in the coming 2012 election, conservatives must stop trying to resurrect Ronald Reagan, stop trying to clone GOP Candidates into Ronald Reagan, and seek to elect an actual constitutional conservative candidate who will uphold the sovereign law of this land and protect this nation according to Article II of the Constitution.
And herein lay another dilemma for Conservative Republicans: The GOP is not allowing conservative candidates to inch their way too close to the nomination door. That does not include Congressman Ron Paul, the other left's (Radical Libertarians) Jimmy Carter, who is obviously running for the presidency of Iran while gunning one foot shy of no government for America.
The GOP is determined to nominate the candidate desired by the GOP Machine. This has generated the negative view toward the GOP by Conservative Republican voters: The GOP pulled this “nomination” stunt in 2008 when the GOP decided Arizona Republican Senator John McCain was the only choice to go up against Illinois Senator Barack Obama. The problem with John McCain was not his Viet Nam POW record; Americans respect McCain’s service.  It is McCain's political ideology, plus the fact that during the 2008 primaries there seemed to be no difference between John McCain and Senator Hillary Clinton. Simply put: if you put a blonde wig and a strand of pearls on John McCain, you had Hillary Clinton in better man’s drag.
Conservatives did not come close to Ronald Reagan in 2008, because we cannot resurrect Ronald Reagan, and we need to stop trying to clone him and find another conservative for 2012.
Conservatives need to remember the only reason John McCain received one, single, conservative vote was because the best man in the race happened to be the woman on McCain’s ticket—Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. Palin not only scared the daylights out of Democrats, she made the GOP Good Ole’ Boys insider club nervous. Palin’s conservative beliefs and values refused to be silent and let Americans fall for anymore of Washington’s political tactics (including the GOP's compromising) driving America too close to socialism. Palin hit back with straight talk. She woke up an entire movement of conservatives who had been sitting silently by, never getting involved in politics, and simply accepting whatever, and whoever, the GOP told Republicans to vote for.
McCain was definitely a terrible choice for the GOP, which is why McCain knew he needed Palin. Despite Palin’s conservatism, too many voters fixated on McCain’s age rather than the fact McCain would be leaving office after one term and the 2012 presidency could very well go to a conservative Tea Party president so desired by the conservative movement. Still, McCain becoming the presidential nomination is entirely the GOP’s fault: The GOP did not permit Republicans any alternative candidate in the primaries. It was than John McCain and Mitt Romney or nothing at all when the GOP had the last say. The result; the GOP compromised Republicans in 2008—despite running the conservative Palin on the VP ticket—and the GOP helped give America Barack Obama.
And that leads to the present dilemma: the GOP is once again attempting to decide who the GOP nominee should be—Mitt Romney, the Progressive Teddy Roosevelt-style pseudo-Republican.
This time around the GOP favorite is no different than Barack Obama. Obama has his socialist mandated healthcare—Obamacar--and Romney has his Progressive Massachusetts healthcare plan that is no different than Obama’s collective medical conspiracy. After all, Romney’s advisors consulted with Obama when Obama drafted his socialist healthcare plan, so Romneycare is the GOP's Obamacare.
So once again the GOP is pushing another Democrat in GOP clothing on Republicans. Only this time the Dem-Republican is Barack Obama with Jack Lord’s hair.
Making things worse, some conservative pundits have caved to Romney, despite the knowing, and admitting, Romney is too left-wing for to be a real Republican. The conservative Romney-pushers are justifying Romney’s political stances with the paltry excuse that “anyone is better than Obama.” What happened to not compromising our conservative core values? If any candidate is better than Obama, then we Republicans may as well nominate Casey Anthony as our GOP candidate and call it a day.
The Founding Fathers never compromised to create a nation. Jefferson risked his life to write and sign the Declaration--after long-pleading with the King for our nation’s freedom and the “Rights of Man” to be upheld before war broke out and the fight for independence became a revolution. The King placed a warrant for Jefferson’s arrest and demanded Jefferson be hanged for crimes against the crown. That did not stop Jefferson or the Americans who believed in liberty. The country was split between loyalists and Americans who agreed with Thomas Jefferson. Even after the war was won and America was still severely divided politically, the Founders never tossed the Constitution aside and said “Hey, let’s keep the high-taxation, high-inflation; non-competitive Articles of Confederation in place, after all, anything is better than parliament.” The Founders worked long and hard to find the best solution that would ensure this nation become a Constitutional Republic based on liberty. Compromise would have allowed for destructive amendments to be implemented in the Constitution, and our country might not have lasted through the nineteenth century.
Compromise never wins; it always ushers in destructive forces that eventually sneak in tyranny. Yet, the GOP refuses to acknowledge this fact and hold strong to its core roots and values. The GOP would rather compromise America in order that the GOP can contol the White House. The GOP is forgetting that if that power in the White House is not conservative, and does not hold true to the GOP’s roots, then that power is no different than the destructive power conservatives are trying to unseat.
Conservative voters need to remember:  While America is $15 trillion dollars in debt, the GOP wants to push its choice of nominee on Republican voters. Isn’t $15 trillion enough to make Conservative Republicans refuse to compromise America? Isn’t Obama’s and Democrat's economic spending debacle enough for Conservative Republicans to say the GOP needs to stop compromising and start looking for the next conservative president?

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