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Sheriff Joe: If I Prove Obama was Born in Kenya, What Will be Done About It?

by Suzanne Eovaldi

“I want to see the microfiche,”
 Sheriff Joe Arpaio told a packed East Orlando Tea Party audience last week.  In explaining his Birther Posse activities, he said his group of 60 retired cops and attorneys should have a report for him as early as January or February, because they are searching around the clock to discover where the president was really born.

Delivering a keynote speech to his rapt listeners, Arpaio said the 1961 microfiche holds the key to determining if Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya. “Twins were born before Barack Obama, and now we have to see if he was born the next day.” But Sheriff Joe said he won’t be taking any bets on his posse getting the microfilm. He expressed consternation that the regular media are just not talking about the Obama birth issue, although it is on people’s minds all across the country.
Arpaio, who has 50 years of law enforcement experience, said proudly, “I serve the public; the public is my boss.”  When a group of Arizona Tea Party members came to him to do something about the Birther issue, he agreed to look into the situation.  But in a more veiled question, Arpaio asked if he and his cold case posse can prove Obama was not born in Hawaii the day after the Nordyke twins, “What will be done about it?”
Clearly, the problem of Barack Obama’s birth authentication was primary in the minds of Sheriff Joe’s audience, but the next big topic they wanted him to talk about was illegal immigration. He called the electric fence that covers some parts of the southern border a joke easily breached by Mexican drug dealers. “They’re not cartels; they’re really international drug traffickers.” the Arizona lawman said. He explained the long term damage being done to the United States from failure to secure our borders and stop illegal immigration.
Our economy, our law enforcement, our diplomatic relations, our political process, and the American basic sense of fairness are all being damaged by allowing illegals to take jobs of U.S.citizens.
“This false identification is a very serious crime,” he said.  Some reports are putting the illegal immigration figures as being the highest ever in our country’s history.
When compared to the 50-plus million American babies aborted since Roe v. Wade was signed into law, we have to weep from what progressive Democrat governance has done to our proud nation.  Why are so many liberal agencies investigating Sheriff Joe, but at the same time not investigating obvious Constitutional infractions?    He said it well when he said, “Let’s work together and get back operational control of our country, and help clean up this mess.”
SOURCE: Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s November 12, 2011, speech to the East Orlando Tea Party Conference inOrlando, Florida.
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