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 A Choice Not An Echo - The Story of How The Bilderbergers Chose the U.S. President

Phyllis Schlafly’s A Choice Not an Echo tells the inside story of how American Presidents are chosen. The book was written in 1964 and many copies were distributed at the expense of the author. The book tells the story of how the President of the United States is chosen by the Bilderbergers. The Bilderbergers also decide who will rule other Nations throughout the world. You can read A Choice Not an Echo here :

Mrs. Schlafly has a website at .. Her biography says :

“Mrs. Schlafly is a lawyer and served as a member of the Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, 1985-1991, appointed by President Reagan. She has testified before more than 50 Congressional and State Legislative committees on constitutional, national defense, and family issues.

Mrs. Schlafly is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Washington University, received her J.D. from Washington University Law School, and received her Master's in Political Science from Harvard University. In 2008 Washington University/St.. Louis awarded Phyllis an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters.

Phyllis Schlafly is America's best-known advocate of the dignity and honor that we as a society owe to the role of fulltime homemaker. The mother of six children, she was the 1992 Illinois Mother of the Year.”
The Global Elite rule by setting one group against another causing global unrest from which they profit. The Global Elite think only of and about themselves and their own self interests. If this group is not exposed and stopped Nations will lose their sovereignty and we well have a New Word Order run by them. Bilderberger members in the United States belong to a group called the Council on Foreign Relations, in the United Kingdom they belong to Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs). These groups have members that run the governments in both nations. The groups also run the Nations intelligence organizations. Sixteen CIA directors have been members of the Council on Foreign Relations. The CIA's current director is Council on Foreign Relations member David Patreaus. The CIA has issued a report that sees a Caliphate (an Islamic Holy War) and a cycle of fear in the United States future. You can read about the New World Order and find a link to the CIA report here :

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