Thursday, August 18, 2011


Concerned Fellow Conservative,

Truthfully, I never thought I’d hear Barack Obama say anything more outrageous than his empty campaign promise of “hope and change.”  But that was before I heard the six words he uttered to a room full of fellow Democrats the day after closing the debt-ceiling deal:
Read his lips: They’re not even halfway there.
HalfwayObama and the Democrats have presided over one of the most staggering spending binges in American history, ramming through an astonishing 21.4% in federal spending increase in two years...doubling the deficit...growing the national debt from 40% to 70% of the economy (a debt bigger than China’s entire economy)...ramming through ObamaCare...flushing away $821 billion in “stimulus” money...

And what do President Obama and the Democrats have to show after spending nearly 25% of GDP for two years running?  An anemic growth rate of economy staggering toward a double-dip recession...and an unemployment rate of 9.1%. The only President in history with a worse job creation record is Herbert Hoover.
And they say they’re only halfway done.
I respectfully disagree. I think they’ve done plenty, thank you.  And as Chairman of the NRSC, it is my job to make sure they are done...and my duty to ask you to help me complete that job.
There is no question that we need to ensure that Barack Obama is a one term President.  But equally important, we must remove the road block of Harry Reid and the Democratic-controlled Senate. Under their “leadership,” the road to rebuilding and restoring our nation will be blocked every inch of the way.  
To accomplish this task, we just need to win 4 of the 23 seats that will be up in 2012.  So while the odds are on our side, we absolutely cannot take anything for granted. 
The President and the entire Democrat Senate caucus know they have a tough fight ahead. In fact, they’re already in full campaign - and fundraising - mode. And that is the one thing they’re very good at.  So it’s not going to be an easy victory for us. Or a cheap one. They’re going to fight for their political lives.
But we cannot fail in this task. The President and his Senate Democrat friends are already promising to follow through on their threat to raise taxes. (Maybe that’s what they mean by being only halfway there!)
We must stop them. We cannot allow them to complete the “second half” of their campaign to bankrupt America. So please pitch in. Please join the fight to end the Democrats stranglehold on the U.S. Senate with a generous contribution of $50, $100, $250 or more. Thank you.

Senator John Cornyn
Senator Cornyn
Chairman, National Republican Senatorial Committee

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