Thursday, August 18, 2011


Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation

Dear Patriot,

Grassfire researchers and team members have discovered a
disturbing fact -- most members of Congress are avoiding
holding Town Hall meetings this month.

Our team has made hundreds of phone calls only to discover
that either NO Town Hall meeting has been scheduled or
meetings are not being publicized.

            Members of Congress fear a repeat on the
            2009 August Town Halls that fundamentally
            shifted the entire ObamaCare debate. So as
            a result, many are leaving nothing to risk
            after passing their Dirty Debt Deal and are
            refusing to even host Town Halls this month!

Grassfire Nation and the Patriot Action Network have compiled
a 37-page spreadsheet that documents hundreds of phone calls
made by our staff and team members. Go here to see the raw
evidence that exposes how Congress is avoiding Town Halls
this month:


Because so many members of Congress are avoiding Town Halls,
Grassfire Nation is launching a nationwide "Virtual Town Hall"
Campaign to encourage citizens to let their voice be heard
despite Congress' Town Hall avoidance.

We want to flood Congress with tens of thousands of personal
messages delivered directly to congressional offices -- in
lieu of Town Hall meetings that Congress is avoiding!

To make it possible for every team member to participate,
we have set up a special FaxFire that will deliver your
"Virtual Town Hall" message directly to your two Senators
and your Rep for just $5.

Go here right now to take part in the "$5 Fax Virtual Town
Hall" campaign:


The vast majority of the members of Congress who have been
contacted by our team are AVOIDING ALTOGETHER Town Hall
meetings this month.


That's why we launched this "Virtual Town Hall" campaign.

Please go here to take part. It costs just $5:

Grassfire Nation  and Patriot Action Network

P.S. See for yourself what other Grassfire Nation and PAN team members
have documented on Congress' avoidance of Town Hall meetings:

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