Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Obama's Attempt To Put America in a 'CATCH 22' Situation
by Lee S Gliddon Jr

Obama is doing all that he can to put America in a 'Catch 22' situation as he loaded the Department Secretaries positions with Liberal/Marxists such as he is.

We are faced with one situation in particular, Operation Gunwalker, (aka Gunmruuner, Fast and Furious, etc) where he has involved the DOJ; DHS; DEA; ATF; FBI and the CIS with Panetta at the helm. In this Operation(s) Obama has not only allowed guns to be shipped into Mexico, but in his zeal to gain gun control, he has funded Mexican Drug Cartels allowing them to purchase the weaponry sent them. Stimulus money, which was to promote the American Economy, was sent to Drug Cartels as were guns.

The problems now is, who do you call to enforce the laws that are enacted to stop such illegalities? We cannot call any of the listed entities that are representative of America's Law Enforcement as they are the criminals involved! The DOJ is doing its best to deter any truth being told to Congress. The DHS denies any and everything, but Napolitano, at the Head, denies anything that emanates from Mexico. The DEA says, "Not us." The ATF head says, "It is true but we can do nothing." The FBI and CIA are both parroting Secretary Napolitano as they deny responsibility.

Congressman Darrell Issa and his committee are doing all they can to learn just who is involved in this mess only to be faced with the same situation all we Americans are faced with. The DOJ blocks or 'heel drags' providing information.

Now, our government is made up of 3 Branches. Obama and his minions control the Executive Branch. Then there is the Legislative Branch, lead by John Boehner. Last, but not least, there is the Judicial Branch, the Supreme Court.

Obama is doing all that he can to 'tie up' Boehner as he uses the Debt Ceiling to his advantage. No matter how great a 'deal' is arrived at through negotiations Obama will 'throw a wrench' as he must drag things out hoping the Gunrunner scandal will go away.

Know this, Mr Obama, it will not be, 'going away,' as long as I have breath!

We, as the concerned People of America, must begin our campaign. That campaign is to write Congress, the Supreme Court, and send copies to the Sheriff of the County wherein you reside, demanding action. That action can be the arrest of any and all involved, the dismissal of all involved, or both!

We MUST UNITE against this tyrannical act as we demand an accounting and justice! This is OUR DUTY as We The People of The United States of America! 

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