Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Dear friends, I'm writing this to you as an emergency response to an extremely urgent problem developing for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan right now...

Last night President Obama gave a speech trying to sell the American people on Harry Reid's smoke and mirrors budget proposal. The plan raises the debt ceiling with the trade-off of 2.7 Trillion in spending cuts. It's a lie! 

The truth is that more than half of the proposed $2.7 trillion dollar "savings" are being taken directly away from our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan! 

That money is supposed keep our troops supplied with food, ammunition and necessary equipment while they're fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. But Obama and Reid want to take that money from the  troops draw-down and use it pay for more senseless overspending on social programs. This is why people don't trust Washington!


Even worse, it looks like Obama is already starting to short-change our troops, even before the draw-down begins. The military is being forced to cut back on giving our troops essential supplies they need!Our current Commander-in-Chief, after snatching up credit for Navy SEALS killing Osama bin Laden, has now forgotten the remaining 120,000 soldiers abroad that are serving their country by fighting a deadly war against terrorism.

  Last Monday I received this letter that just turned my stomach:
“ …I mentioned to you that my son would soon be deploying to Afghanistan for the first time.  He is now 21 and has been there for almost three weeks.  It has been tense at times but he loves his country and believes in his mission. 

You asked that I let you know his units address and you would be sure that care packages were sent.  We have been sending one a week and have asked Chris (our son) to please share as well as let us know who in his unit hasn't received anything and we will be sure they are taken care of.  Mail is slow so we don't have those names yet. 

I guess since Obama has announced the draw down the PX's are no longer stocking muchso my son has asked for the bare personal hygiene items that one would think they would have.  In other words, everything is appreciated….”

- MAF Supporte

Empty shelves for our troops at war, while Obama talks about cutting even more and continuing reckless entitlement spending! 

This is just unacceptable, but our efforts at Move America Forward have provided support to fill this void created by Washington.
 With over 100,000 troops still fighting anti-American insurgents, help continue sending these wonderful gifts to our warriors abroad. Boxes that include coffee, cookies, beef jerky, deodorant, Gatorade, lip balm, and now, GUM, are just what the troops need while facing decreased funding and unbearable temperatures. Help now by sponsoring a care package!
When my son Marc died in Iraq in 2006 fighting the terrorists, I have dedicated my life to helping our troops and making sure their sacrifices and commitment to our nation do not go unnoticed. I can tell you that right now, these troops are not being treated well enough. Letters like the one above should not need to be written.

It is hard enough for family members to wait at home and pray their loved one returns safely. They should not also have to worry if essentials supplies are being cut off by Obama and Harry Reid! 

Our country is at war and our troops are winning. They are winning not because of technology or money, but because of their heart and drive to do what is right in order to protect our great nation. They define patriotism on a daily basis.

Let’s come together and thank them by sending a care package to every single soldier deployed. We cannot leave it up to Washington and the politicians to treat our troops properly.

It is the least we can do to thank each and every one of them personally. By sponsoring a care package, you have the opportunity to share your appreciation, through a note and goodies and touch the life of a real American hero.

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  1. We need to call our senator's and congress immediately! This is a disgrace. Shame on America! If we do nothing we are just as guilty as those in DC. Please help our soldiers by calling.