Thursday, July 7, 2011


Every four years, candidates for President spend millions of dollars crisscrossing Iowa, county by county, trying to make their name and ideas stand out.
They know if they can stand out in Iowa, it can carry them into the White House.
As FairTaxers, we know our plan is the best tax reform proposal in history, and Iowa gives us the chance for the media coverage and momentum needed to carry us to victory. Presidential candidates are going to the Iowa Straw Poll, and so is the FairTax.

In 2007, our presence at the Straw Poll made a huge impact on how our movement was viewed. Candidates saw the FairTax everywhere they went, Iowans showed up by the thousands for a Straw Poll rally, and the media couldn’t help but notice the attention we received.  Even The National Review was amazed at our campaign’s “omnipresence!”
We need to be “omnipresent” again! We have a focused plan of action, but our volunteer leaders need $25,000 to make it happen.
- A $1,000 Platinum Sponsor helps pay for the site rental
- A $500 Gold Sponsor purchases 100 hats so the FairTax stands out
- A $250 Silver Sponsor covers 200 needed FairTax water bottles
- A $100 Bronze Sponsor buys 150 FairTax fans for the Iowa heat
- A $50 Donor helps with new displays and handouts
Help us turn the 2011 Presidential Straw Poll into a FairTax event that will carry us through Congress and into the White House.
Your donation will put the FairTax in front of the 10,000 attendees and 250 media outlets expected to converge on the campus of Iowa State University for the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll.
You can make the FairTax a highlight of the 2012 election - something the media cannot ignore!
Thank you!

The FairTax Grassroots Team
FairTax: Once you understand it, you’ll demand it!

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