Thursday, July 7, 2011


Demand Napolitano's Resignation
Whoever coined the phrase "crime doesn't pay" could not have anticipated Barack Hussein Obama or Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano. These two are about to "prove" that old adage wrong as the Obama faction lays out the welcome mat for illegal incursion, and lavishes upon immigration prisoners a long list of amenities funded by U.S. taxpayers – including bingo, dance classes, potted plants, and even weekend continental breakfasts!
The insanity continues as Obama and his minions like Napolitano throw open wide the southern borderseparating us from Mexico, and allow untold millions more illegal migrants to flood our towns and cities. Drug cartels maraud along the border, killing Federal agents, law officers and innocent citizens. But Obama gains Hispanic constituents, and cares nothing of sinking us deeper into moral and economic ruin – at a cost of $100s of billions per year! Now he wants to reward those who break the law, at the expense of those who uphold it.
Then there's the violence. In what's been called the U.S.'s "third war," more than 30,000 people have been murdered by Mexican drug cartels on both sides of our southern border. Rather than take decisive action to defend America's sovereign territory from attack by invading foreign forces, our Federal government has instead displayed its cowardice.

In fact, more than 100 miles north of the border – well into U.S. territory – our government has erected signs warning American citizens to stay out of American lands because of the danger posed by heavily-armed foreign thugs who freely roam thousands of square miles of the United States!
America cannot long endure this "Obama effect" before disintegrating in front of our very eyes and plunging us into the darkness of anarchy. We the People must unite and stand tall for the rule of law in the United States. Obama's policies must stop – and today is the perfect opportunity to prove our mettle and our love for our nation, and ACT.
As Marxist agitators born and bred, the Obama machine follows closely the Communist maxim, "Two steps forward, one step back. That's the method of our attack."
They implement their plan for America's subjugation to socialism incrementally, winning one victory at a time.Their piecemeal method has brought them close to total dominance over the land once viewed as the bastion of liberty for the world.
And their next move is to secure the illicit comfort and political loyalty of those who break our laws as illegal border crossers, transforming them into U.S. residents and CITIZENS! Yet many of these illegals carry with them for international criminal cartels deadly drugs that devastate our cities, unspeakable gang violence and even ravaging third-world diseases.
Yet Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), with the approval of Napolitano's DHS, has devised a "normalization" plan that seems crazy at first glance, but needs to be implemented to achieve Obama's ultimate objectives.
This is simply another step in the progression to mass amnestya goal long sought by the radical Left. By rewarding those who undermine and destroy our country, Obama and Napolitano are attempting to remove any stain of the crimes that make evident the discernible difference between illegal aliens and loyal American citizens.
The Left is covering up the fact that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have committed serious and oftenviolent crimes such as rape, murder, robbery, human trafficking, and drug running. Yet, they portray these lawbreakers as the victims of Rightwing xenophobes!
Once illegals are "settled here," the only "moral" course, according to Obama and the Left, is to award them amnesty and socialized benefits, from which position they'll become loyal political servants of the Democrat party and liberal agenda.
And that may very well be the final nail in the coffin of America, sealing our fate once and for all. That is why we, as patriotic Americans, must fight each and every attack on our nation by the Obama regime – including this one.
You won't believe the perks for illegal alien detainees, if they are among the comparative few held by authorities. Obama and Napolitano are telling prisoners that even though they've broken the lawthey'll get not only bingo,dance classespotted plantsand continental breakfastsbut much more:
  • Art lessons
  • Wearing street clothes instead of prison uniforms
  • "Freedom of movement" within the center
  • Unmonitored phone lines
  • Free internet phone service
  • Email service
  • Additional research resources at law libraries
  • Movie nights
  • Cooking classes
  • Self-serve beverage bar
  • Staff training to ensure they're aware of "the nature and needs" of the prisoners
But that's not all the misnamed Department of Homeland Security is planning. They're also risking the safety of guards, visitors, and other prisoners by planning new visitor regulations that are, to be honest, so criminally negligent that those promulgating them are either deliberately malicious or absolutely crazy.
ICE is being directed to throw common sense completely out the window with these new "regulations." Prisoners will no longer have lights out at night, or lockdowns. Pat downs of prisoners will be eliminated as well.
Combined with 12-hour long physical contact visits with family – or gang members, drug dealers, and other miscreants – the new visitation rules will virtually ensure an increase in drugs, weapons and even mayhem inside the facilities. Because, according to the OUTRAGED union representing the guards at the ICE detention centers, upwards of 90 percent of prisoners are being held on significant criminal charges – beyond illegal entry into the U.S.! These thugs, cartel soldiers and gang-bangers will certainly take full advantage of the new DHS/ICE rules to engage in further criminal activity.
Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security – the agency unable to stop the flow of illegal aliens, including Islamic terrorists, across our borders – is wasting its time, effort, and our tax dollars defaming veterans, seizing patriot websites, but coddling criminal illegal alien invaders!
Current Congressional hearings, notably before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, are exposing what has been long suspected: that under the Obama faction, per Napolitano's specific orders, DHS has directed from Washington that apprehensions of illegals effectually cease – that the mission of ICE and the U.S. Border Patrol is being utterly compromised to reduce apprehensions and arrests in order to render a statistically false appearance of a more secure border, and that the America southern frontier is consequently more open than ever to incursions of illegal entry!
And this evidence is emerging as we learn that our border officers are being fatally hamstrung in the field with orders from Washington to use non-lethal response like "bean-bag" ammunition against drug cartel soldiers firing upon them with withering automatic weapons!
The evidence could not be more damning. The DHS Secretary is a menace to America, cares nothing for the Constitution – and must resign her office immediately!
The danger she poses is clear and present. Napolitano, in a shocking lie, just publicly announced that the U.S. southern border is "more secure than ever before" based solely on apprehension and arrest counts. Yet a recentreport released by her own DHS states that Homeland Security is only "achieving varying levels of operational control of 44% of the southwest border." It further discloses that only 15% of the 44% is defined as "controlled" – which means less than half of the border is even being Federally monitored, and ONLY a measly 15% of that represents U.S. frontier where illegal alien incursions have a "high probability of apprehension."
In plain English – of the nearly 2,000 miles of border which DHS is tasked to defend, only 129 miles are actually under our government's control. 129 MILES!
Then add to this outrage the new DHS detention policies and budget expenditures already described! This is more than incompetence, this is sabotage. Obama and his administration have failed to lead, failed to protect Americans and failed to uphold their Constitutional oath to enforce the laws of the United States of America. They continue to bold-face lie about it to the public and to Congress. Their betrayals are a threat to the nation and their duplicity directly insults the intelligence, and imperils the safety, security, sovereignty and prosperity of the American people.
Send a fax today, calling upon Congressman Peter King (R-NY), chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, to demand the resignation of Janet Napolitano. She is a brazen political hack who has proven herself to be anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, and anti-American – and must be removed IMMEDIATELY from her vital position as Secretary of Homeland Security.
Think about this: millions of illegals are being permitted to flood into the U.S. to fit the political and ideological amnesty agenda of the Obama faction. Instead of swift deportation, those illegal aliens being detained at ICE centers are fed three meals a day. They are provided free dental and health care, with you and me picking up the tab. And now Obama and Napolitano are turning these detention centers into immigrant resorts that reward criminal lawbreakers with the amenities of a five-star hotel.
We must stop the Obama/Napolitano agenda today. You can make the difference.
For a Secure America,
Secure Borders Coalition

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