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Mathew Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Please read my vital message below regarding what appears
to be a conspiracy against Israel.  Then, please forward 
it to your pro-Israel friends. 

God bless you!  

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    President Obama's administration is fueling 
    worldwide anti-Israel sentiment while diminishing
    our relationship with this stalwart ally. His
    tactics are now being exposedas part of an 
    international agenda that is in lockstep with
    Muslim terrorist groups and the United Nations.
    See my very important update below - Mat. 


Several weeks ago, President Obama called for the "starting
point" of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations to be Israel's
return to 1967 borders...including a divided Jerusalem 

    It also called for the return of the Western Wall,
    a holy Jewish site, to the Palestinians, among many 
    other "indefensible" and unimaginable concessions.

Then, President Obama warned a group of Jewish Democratic 
voters at a fundraiser that "tactical disagreements" loom 
between the United States and Israel. 

Well, many "tactical disagreements" are happening right now,
including an outrageous action by Barack Obama's Department
of Homeland Security (DHS). 

++Israel labeled a "terrorist-fostering nation" by DHS!

Amazingly, the Obama administration, through DHS's Office 
of the Inspector General, listed Israel among a small number
of countries it believes... 

        "have shown a tendency to promote, produce, or
        protect terrorist organizations or their members."

Janet Napolitano's DHS has been instructed to heighten scrutiny 
on Israeli travelers!  What a slap at what is, in reality, the
most terrorist-targeted nation in the world!  And what an 
intense slander against the people of Israel!  

++Does this administration know the difference between its 
friends and its enemies?

Then, just days ago, the United States decided to formally 
resume contact with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, a group that
does not even recognize Israel's right to exist. 

Bob Beauprez, a former Colorado congressman blasted that

        "They [the Obama administration] seem to have a real
        state of confusion over who's our friends and who's 
        our enemies. Muslim Brotherhood isn't just a radical
        terrorist organization, they're the original radical 
        Islamic terrorist organization - and  like most all 
        of the rest, denies the right for Israel to exist."

Next Monday, July 11th, the "Quartet" of Middle East peace
negotiators - the United States, Russia, the European Union,
and the United Nations - will meet in Washington to discuss 
Palestinian statehood and its corresponding borders. Still 
on the negotiating table are the 1967 borders. 

        Only in the warped worldview of the Obama administration
        would allies like Israel be diminished and labeled 
        as "terrorist promoting," while true terrorist
        organizations are being exalted and given preferential

++Psalm 2:10 "Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you 
rulers of the earth..."  

Here's an undeniable fact from Scripture:  When rulers or 
nations rise up against Israel, they become accursed! 

To counter the impact of the Obama administration's misguided 
policies toward Israel, Liberty Counsel launched our powerful
"Stand with Israel" campaign.  I was blessed beyond measure
to relate that message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 
Netanyahu in a personal meeting last month. 

I also assured Mr. Netanyahu that the impact of this campaign 
will extend far beyond those of us who have already signed.

Why? Because enlightened Americans DO stand with Israel!  
There IS solidarity between Christians and Jews - we have 
shared common values coupled with a Judeo-Christian heritage 
in both our laws and cultures. 

        Barack Obama's policies that undermine our relationship
        with Israel are simply NOT reflective of mainstream
++Please choose to "Stand with Israel!"

In our powerful statement of support, Liberty Counsel is
declaring that the muddled United States policy toward Israel 
under the Obama administration must be thoroughly reconsidered
and then changed appropriately!  This is why I need you and 
all pro-Israel Americans to boldly "Stand with Israel!"  

Click here to sign the letter declaring that you, too, "Stand 
with Israel!":

The "Stand with Israel" letter to President Obama, Secretary
of State Hilary Clinton, Speaker of the House John Boehner, 
and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will be hand-delivered

By then, I expect that over 100,000 Americans will have taken
this bold stand with us! We are already well over 2/3 of the
way to our goal, but I want to quickly reach this important

    Here's one reason why: We are still working on the
    details, but I expect to be able to deliver a book
    containing the names and hometowns of Americans who
    "Stand with Israel" directly into the Prime Minister's

I will soon be able to share more about the remarkable, God-
ordained relationship developing between the Liberty Counsel 
family of ministries and the nation of Israel, but for now 
the best thing you and I can do is to step boldly forward and
be counted as friends of Israel!

Won't you add YOUR name to the list of Israel's resolute 

Please click below to sign and help us reach our goal of 
100,000 signatures of support calling for a redirected 
American policy toward our friend and ally, the nation of

You can also listen to my final audio report from Israel 
which details more of the events unfolding there, including
my important meeting with Mr. Netanyahu and key Israeli 
leaders, and other exciting relationship-building activities 
which I will be announcing shortly.  Click here:

++Get a free "Stand with Israel" sticker to show your support! 

When you join tens of thousands of your fellow concerned 
Americans in signing this powerful letter, we will send you
a vinyl, four inch oval "Stand with Israel!" sticker that 
you can proudly display. It's free after you sign the letter.  

You can see your sticker and sign the letter of support for 
Israel by going here:

++Sadly, Barack Obama's anti-Israel policies are getting 

In my meetings with many key Israeli officials, I learned
of increased threats toward Israel and Israeli officials, 
who now cannot even travel in certain regions of the world
for fear of being arrested for alleged "war crimes" against 

    The increasing marginalization of Israeli officials 
    and citizens in the world community is stunning. 
    No wonder they have termed the proposed return to 
    1967 boundaries, "Auschwitz borders."

The strained relationship between Israel and the United 
States over Obama's misguided Middle East policies is having
a worldwide anti-Semitic ripple effect.  Under Obama's 
policies, the perception is that we no longer "have Israel's

President Obama says our friendship with Israel has not 
changed, but his actions speak louder than his words.  His 
policies do nothing to allay the growing anti-Israel 
sentiment that is sweeping the world.  

Please join me and tens of thousands of other pro-Israel
citizens in declaring, "I Stand With Israel."

Also, would you PLEASE forward this message to as many of your
fellow concerned Americans as possible?  

As I've said before, this campaign will bless both Israel and
America, two nations irrevocably intertwined in God's eternal 
plan for His world.  In fact, our shared values form the very 
basis of Western Civilization. 

I will be updating you soon on an incredible Israel 
ambassadorship program for all pro-Israel Americans! This 
program is one of the many successes we saw come to 
fruition in Israel. 

Meanwhile, God bless you, God bless America, and God bless

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Please, show your support for Israel by reading and 
signing the "Stand with Israel!" letter.  And please forward
this campaign message to as many friends as possible. I
also hope you will take a moment to hear my special audio
report, recorded in the Holy Land

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