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Submitted by: Nancy Battle

Progressives planning intense assault on Constitution

Since the Presidential campaign of 2008 conservatives have complained that the U.S. Constitution has been under assault by progressives who view the document as a roadblock to the implementation of their goals. Obama stated that the Constitution is flawed because it restricts government power to encroach on the individual rights of citizens, and that a corrective is needed to positively state what the government can do.
In the years since Obama was elected, this criticism of the Constitution has morphed into a full frontal assault.

The 10th Amendment has been ripped to shreds as the Federal government has encroached on the power of the states to chart their own course, within the limits specified in the amendment. The 2nd Amendment has been attacked as the Feds attempted to make a case for massive new gun control laws by staging an illegal scheme to run guns to Mexico in order to pad statistics which would then show that the U.S. is arming the drug cartels. The Commerce Clause in Article One, Section 8, Clause 3 was erroneously used as justification for passing the mammoth government takeover of healthcare, when in fact, the clause does nothing but give Congress the power to regulate commerce between the states, foreign nations, and 'Indian tribes.'
Nothing in the clause gives the federal government the power to force citizens to buy anything.
The First Amendment has been under constant assault as the Obama Administration has consistently and systematically castigated any news organization that would dare criticize 'the Annointed One.' Obama had several of his henchmen take to the airwaves to claim that 'Fox News is not a real news outlet.' At the same time, he has schemed to get the mainstream media in his hip pocket, the result of which has been that NBC in particular became nothing more than the Obama progaganda network. ABC became a cheerleader for ObamaCare the night before the vote, broadcasting right out of the White House itself.
The right to free speech has been described by Joe Klein of Time Magazine as 'sedition' if such speech is critical of the Administration. The freedom to practice one's religion has been promoted as applying only to Muslims while Christians and other groups have been silenced at various functions. 
The docrines of 'enumerated powers' and 'checks and balances between the 3 equal branches of government' have been thrown out the window as the Executive Branch has seized unprecedented power through 'executive orders' that bypass the necessary approval of Congress. And all of this was done with the tacit approval of a Congress dominated by Democrats who gave Obama anything he wanted, including abdicating their responsibility to provide oversight to the Executive Branch. 
After Republicans gained control of the House in 2010, attempts to provide such oversight have been met with arrogant derision and subborn refusal from the Obama Administration. Orders to provide documents have been ignored. 
In addition, the Administration persistently ignored direct court orders, one of which was to start oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico once again.
All of this raises the question, is there a broad-based progressive plan to subvert the U.S. Constitution by changing the definition of words so that the meaning becomes something entirely different than the original intent of the Framers?
And that answer would be yes.
It is called 'The Constitution in 2020.' Among the goals of this consortium of leftwing law schools and legal experts is to broaden the definition of individual freedom to include social and economic freedom. Those who adhere to Obama's view of a flawed Constitution believe that one of its 'glaring oversights' is the failure to address economic and social justice, i.e., the redistribution of wealth. In other words, the minions of the progressive movement believe that somehow the Constitution should be interpreted in such a manner as to mandate such redistribution so that no act in the legislative branch could cut funding for any social program.
However, such a so-called 'right' cannot be considered a right if it encroaches on the rights of others. This, however, does not stop the lamentable lemmings of the Left from attempting to accomplish such changes in definition.  
Part 2 of this explosive subject will examine exactly how they intend to accomplish such subversive and dangerous goals.

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