Monday, June 6, 2011


From the Desk of:
David Martin, Executive Vice President
Media Research Center
June 6, 2011
In case you missed last week's note on George Soros and his multi-front campaign against Fox News, we're sending it again.  The more we uncover about George Soros, the more we realize that he must be investigated further — yet the liberal media are completely ignoring this story.  We wanted to make certain that every member of the MRC Action team saw this message.     --David
Lee S,
As our Business and Media Institute (BMI) continues their digging into the Soros Empire and George Soros’ comprehensive scheme to move this country hard to the left, we’ve been shocked by just how large and just how far-along his plan is.   
Help us to expose George Soros
We’re especially alarmed when considering that he has said he intends to “take the United States down a notch!”
We at the Media Research Center realize the power of the media — like their ability to catapult an inexperienced “community organizer” into the White House and get a socialized medicine program pushed through over the loud objections of the American people.  George Soros is keenly aware of this power, and he knows he must silence news sources that aren’t willing to be part of the leftist “echo chamber” that he’s created.

+ + + Soros has Fox News in his crosshairs
In the last six months alone, 30 Soros funded organizations have launched an all out attack on Fox News.  With the ultimate goal being, “Taking Down Fox News” as described in their own words by the Soros-funded Mother Jones.
BMI’s latest report provides a laundry list of Soros-funded groups viciously attacking Fox for daring to present the news free of a left-wing tilt.  This campaign against Fox ranges from:

  • Boycotting advertisers
  • False charges of racism
  • Blaming Glenn Beck for inciting violence
  • Forcing small businesses to not allow Fox in the shops or workplaces
  • Repeatedly claiming that Fox News lies and their viewers are stupid
Make no mistake, Soros knows if he can eliminate Fox News, he’ll likely clear the last hurdle needed to execute his plan of reshaping America. But it doesn’t end with just Fox. With more people getting their news online and from Fox the liberal monopoly on the news media is slowly breaking down.
Lee S, as we’ve seen time and again, when liberals don’t like speech – they try to silence it.  Silencing Fox is George Soros’ goal. He’s already spending millions of dollars to do it, and he’s willing to spend millions more.

+ + + With all we’ve uncovered, we now know that the threat is bigger than we could have guessed
Every day, our investigators and analysts at BMI are learning more and more about just how far George Soros has gone and is willing to go to take down the US.  But we need your help!
Our Soros project has already exposed Soros’ plans to remake the US economy, his creation of a left wing media “echo chamber,” his reach into journalism schools and traditional media organizations, and just how big his plan to bring down Fox really is. 
For the last month, our research and stories have appeared across TV, radio, the Internet and print media.  We have been getting the word out.  If you’ve seen a story this Spring on George Soros, it was most likely based on BMI’s stunning revelations.
The fact that the liberal media have allowed Soros to quietly amass so much power is no surprise!  They share Soros’ left wing agenda, and in one form or another, his tentacles touch almost every liberal media outlet in the nation.
With every answer we’ve uncovered, more questions have been raised.  We need to expand the scope of our investigation.  We need to send reporters into the field, interview his former employees, comb through tax forms and other documents all over the world. 
If we don’t do this, no one will.  And Soros will continue to undermine our nation by deepening his control of the media and eventually silencing every voice trying to report the truth.
That’s why we are depending on the generosity and support of friends like you -- Action Team members who understand the scope of the Soros threat and are eager to help!
George Soros is aggressively pouring millions into left-wing efforts to transform our nation … We don’t need billions or millions, we just need friends like yourself, who believe in the greatness of our nation stepping forward with $100, $50, $30 or whatever you feel compelled to give to help the MRC successfully expose Soros in the days and weeks ahead.
Thank you in advance for making a stand with the MRC!
David Martin
P.S. We promise that every dollar you contribute will be used to put George Soros under a microscope! We will find out exactly how he plans on implementing his socialist goals.  As liberty loving Americans we must expose and NEUTRALIZE George Soros.

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