Monday, June 6, 2011

NEVADA -06/06/2011 ALERT!

Vote anticipated today!

Oppose Bait-and-Switch Construction Defect Reform Law 

Today the Senate Finance Committee is taking up AB 401, a bill addressing construction defects.   Originally the bill was going to limit the definition of defects and reduce lawyer fees.

But now the bill broadens the definition of defects to include such things as landscaping, retaining walls and even roads.  It allows for compensation for pain and suffering and even wrongful death that results from a defect.   It will be easier for trial lawyers to collect automatic attorney fees.  Needless to say, the bill is terrible. 

These are not the reforms that we sought or many legislators worked to secure.

The bill is expected to pass out of Finance and will go to the full Senate this afternoon.  

Please take a moment to email the Senators below and urge them to oppose the bill.

Please tell them of your personal involvement with construction defects and how it has impacted your business.   If this bill passes, it will no doubt continue to force more small business and subcontractors out of business.  Even if you are not in the construction business, the cost of building homes will go up, so we will all feel the impact of this bill.     

Please take a few minutes today to voice your concern today – as this is the last day of session!

Thank you!    (And please forward this to anyone you can to get more emails sent to the Senators!)

Shelly Breenen –
Allison Coppening -
Steven Horsford -
Ruben Kihuen-
Shelia Leslie -
Mark Manendo -
David Parks -
Mike Schneider -
Valerie Weiner -

Also please email Dale Erquiaga in the Governor’s office and urge the Governor to veto to bill -

Randi Thompson
Nevada State Director
National Federation of Independent Business

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