Friday, June 3, 2011


Liberty Counsel
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman


    As of this writing, over 80,000 Liberty Counsel 
    team members have signed our Amici Book (Book
    of Friends). I believe that truly amazing things
    (and to friends like you, I would say miraculous 
    things!) are happening concerning our lawsuit 
    against ObamaCare due to the prayers and 
    faithfulness of those who have signed our
    powerful Amici Book.  Please read more below - Mat. 


I know that you realize when tens of thousands of believers
are praying, miracles happen!  I saw undeniable evidence of
this in court on May 10th, during my oral argument against
ObamaCare before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. 

        First, the court extended our presentation time 
        by 30 minutes, which is generally not even considered. 

        Then, in what was of the most astounding admissions 
        I have yet heard from the Department of Justice (DOJ) 
        defenders of ObamaCare, the Acting Solicitor General
        acknowledged during the rebuttal argument that the
        mandates in the ObamaCare law were UNPRECEDENTED in 
        American law!  He also admitted that he believed
        Congress could FORCE individuals to buy certain
        food like, for instance, wheat! 

        To hear the Acting Solicitor General admit that if
        this massive health insurance law is upheld, 
        Congress could force individuals to purchase
        certain kinds of food was an astonishing, but 
        truthful, admission - and I believe this will 
        prove to be a serious problem for their defense
        of ObamaCare as the case moves forward.

++There have been even more concessions by the DOJ!

Then, earlier this week, writing in a supplemental brief 
the court requested from both parties, the Department of
 essentially agreed with Liberty Counsel that 
ObamaCare's mandates are in fact penalties, not taxes,
as the DOJ has been contending in several cases they are 

I was taken aback when the government's lawyers suddenly
offered no support for the "tax" argument, since it will 
probably lead to the Fourth Circuit ruling on the merits
of the case and not on whether or not they have jurisdiction 
over a tax matter.  

Now I believe that we should have a decision from this 
court sometime later this month!  I have prepared a 
special recording for you that highlights some of the 
important details from the Fourth Circuit hearing.  Click 
here to listen to this report: 

++Prayer changes things!

I attribute these unusual and unexpected turns of events
to the fact that over 80,000 people are praying for 
these judges, our DOJ adversaries, the entire deliberation
process, and Liberty Counsel's Litigation Team!  

        God has been working throughout this process and
        we feel greatly encouraged by the prayers and
        support from our thousands of friends and 

As the Fourth Circuit judges and their clerks deliberate
and prepare to release their decision, prayer for this
case is more important than ever!  

Please continue to pray and stand with me,
the Liberty Counsel Litigation Team, and over 80,000 of 
your fellow patriotic Americans who REFUSE to allow the 
Left to turn America into just another second-rate socialist

We are now awaiting the appeals court's decision, but we
are still intensely preparing for the next stage of this
ongoing battle. Our next challenge will likely be submitting
the case for consideration at the United States Supreme Court! 

++Liberty Counsel is equipped for such a time as this...

I believe the Lord has uniquely prepared Liberty Counsel 
for this season in our nation's history.  I believe that 
God is honoring our work - and the prayers of His people. 
The evidence of that is clear! 

        The current political reality in America has led 
        to the busiest, most compacted schedule of 
        litigation - and the most intense series of 
        public policy battles Liberty Counsel has yet

In fact, Liberty Counsel's litigation docket has never been
more substantial.  Our public policy activities and our 
education programs are busier than ever.  Almost every 
facet of our ministry's activities are growing exponentially!

We know that Liberty Counsel is called for "such a time 
as this...  

But, as we are seeing daily, along with challenges, God
brings even greater opportunities. The difference between 
adversity and opportunity is a dedicated Christian willing
to be used by God.  After all, nothing is impossible with God!

++We can't win without your help!

We long ago realized that our principled defense of liberty
is not possible without a God-given group of faithful 
partners who share our perspective and realize that the
price of liberty is eternal vigilance - partners who know
that if we don't show up to stop the radical Leftists, 
the ACLU and other enemies of freedom, we can't possibly

In order to show up and win, we need your help. 

Please go here to help: 

I hope you will prayerfully consider how you
can partner with and help Liberty Counsel continue expanding 
our vital efforts for such a time as this. 

God Bless You!  

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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