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RIGHT NOW, our protection against unreasonable search and seizure is in jeopardy! 

Our Supreme Court Justices have set a frightening judicial precedent that expands the powers of government and encroaches on citizens' rights and freedoms that were established by our founding fathers. 

The Supreme Court's ruling in Kentucky v. King now giveslaw enforcement officials the authority to enter your home without obtaining a search warrant in expanded circumstances! 

The purpose of the Fourth Amendment is to protect citizens' privacy and property rights; but the Supreme Court's decision now allows authorities to violate those rights, and to stage a search and seizure of property without obtaining a warrant from a judge. 

WE MUST POUND CONGRESS with emails! This ruling annihilates the Fourth Amendment and gives police the authority to enter your home without obtaining a warrant from a judge. CLICK HERE to SEND FAXES to every member of Congress to tell them to pass a law that will supersede the Supreme Court's ruling that dismantles your Constitutional protections. THIS ISSUE AFFECTS EVERYONE! 

The Fourth Amendment was written to protect us from police excess and police mistakes. In lieu of presenting their evidence to a neutral magistrate, police officers may now knock, listen, then break the door down, never mind that they had ample time to obtain a warrant. 

The Supreme Court has given police 
the right to invade your home on a whim!

The "government has denied property and privacy rights in deference to making the job of the police easier," Napolitano said on Fox News. "Why would we let our own government do to us, what we fought a revolution against 230 years ago?" 

The warrant requirement ranks among the fundamental distinctions between our form of government, where officers are under the law, and the police-state where they are the law. In no quarter does the Fourth Amendment apply with greater force than in our homes, our most private space which, for centuries, has been regarded as entitled to special protection. 

We are in the middle of a crisis, and our Constitution is at stake!
Law-abiding citizens will now have to live in fear of 
the government - with every single knock at the door!
"The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right to be left alone," Judge Napolitano added. "It requires that the government can only come on to private property without the consent of the occupant, if it has a search warrant. And search warrants may only be issued by judges, and judges may only issue search warrants after they have found probable cause of a crime on the property." 

But with the Supreme Court's ruling, the Fourth Amendment has been trampled on and everything has changed! Police will no longer be required to obtain a search warrant from a judge before they can lawfully enter a residence. 

CLICK HERE to SEND FAXES to every member of Congress to tell them to pass a law that will supersede this Supreme Court's ruling! If they can do this to the Fourth Amendment, then it is just a matter of time before they do this to the First and Second Amendments! By enabling police to circumvent the Fourth Amendment and a judge's authorization before searching a property, Americans are no longer protected against unwarranted search and seizure. This is an annihilation of your Fourth Amendment rights! 

No one is safe!This ruling is the IMMEDIATE REVOCATION
of our private property rights.
Every American is adversely impacted
by this inane Supreme Court ruling.

"Rather than placing more pressure on police to stay in line with the Constitution, the court places the weight of proving constitutional rights on citizens," The Seattle Times reports. "The ruling leaves the Constitution's protection against warrantless searches as a symbolic right, easily sidestepped in practice by police. This leaves the law too open to the interpretation of law-enforcement personnel." 

The Fourth Amendment was established to protect citizens from government encroachment and to ensure that law enforcement protect the residents in their communities without violating citizens' privacy rights. 
How secure are you if a police officer can knock on your door and
enter your homes without a warrant? Their word against yours, and
no way for you to protect yourself from this intrusion and all they
have to do is say they "thought you were committing a crime".
How secure are you and your family?
Consider what Indiana residents are going through after their State Supreme Court ruled that police can enter private property at any time --- without a warrant, without suspicion, without reason. 

Justice Steven David wrote that the Barnes v. State of Indiana decision ruled that "the common law right to resist a police officer illegally entering a home no longer exists." 

"A boundary has been crossed, and we're not just going to tolerate it," Sean Shepard said to a reporter for the Northwest Indiana Times. "As citizens, it's our job to be ever-vigilant against our government." 

This is not a Red state or Blue state issue.
The erosion of our Fourth Amendment affects every resident of every state who simply wants the government to respect their freedom and their rights. 


WE MUST POUND CONGRESS WITH EMAILS! If the Supreme Court can rule against the Fourth Amendment, then it is just a matter of time before they rule against the First and Second Amendment! THIS IS NOT A PARTISAN ISSUE! The Supreme Court's ruling infringes upon every Americans' Fourth Amendment rights. Congress must act IMMEDIATELY and pass a law to supersede the Supreme Court's ruling! 

SEND FAXES to every member of Congress – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – and tell them to TAKE ACTION NOW! 

Members of Congress need to hear from you today! 


Tony Adkins

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