Friday, June 3, 2011


une 3, 2011

The following Action Alert was sent out today by a pair of Republican Party county chairmen:

Message to Republicans:
Oppose Budget Deal

Conservative Friends,

The sound you heard on Wednesday was our legislature in Carson City,  cracking under pressure and extending the sunsetting taxes for another two years. This deal proves what we’ve always known – there’s rarely any such thing as a temporary tax.

Nevada conservatives might just as well have let Bill Raggio finish his last two years – we’d have obtained the same result.  I guess when it comes time to make a tough decision, it's just easier to balance the budget on the backs of the taxpayer instead of making the tough spending decisions.

We’ll be watching very closely to see who votes for this budget on the GOP side in the legislature.  Then, we’ll watch closely to see who emerges as their primary opponent in 2012.

You see, there’s no reason for any Republican to vote for increasing all of the sunsets. Sure, the conveniently timed Supreme Court decision was a blow to the Governor’s budget, but not enough to continue $600 Million in temporary taxes. Remember the extra money the Economic Forum found in their projections at the beginning of May? That should have been the first money to fill the hole. After that, if some of the sunsetting taxes were needed to get back to the $5.8 Billion budget that Sandoval originally proposed, that could have been debated.

But there’s no justification for bringing back enough taxes to allow the government to spend $6.2 Billion – that’s nearly as much as the government spent this time around, and $400 Million more that Sandoval said was enough just one month ago.

Conservatives are feeling just a little duped, and extremely disappointed.

The governor and the legislators have had their say – now it’s time for Nevada conservatives to have theirs. Contact your Senator andAssemblyman and let them know that just because their leadership has gone back on their word that there’s no reason they should do the same. Look, these tax hikes are probably going to pass unless Jesus himself walks through the door of the Senate and stops them, but that’s no reason for every Republican to abandon their principles.

Remind your representatives why you elected them, and that if they do the right thing you’ll stand behind them and keep this from being their last term.

There are some good solid conservatives in the Assembly and Senate Republican caucuses. They’ve done a great job standing up to pressure from the Democrats for the last four months. Now they’re under pressure from their own leadership to break their promises, and that’s a tough spot. They need to hear from us!

The vote on the tax increase has to happen in the next couple days. Call or email your representative right away – your contact may be the one they need to stand up to their leadership and do what’s right for Nevada.


James Smack                                                  
Chairman, Churchill County Republican Party     

Marla Criss
Chairman, Elko County Republican Party

Republican Senators:

Mike McGinness                  775-684-1442
Greg Brower                              775-684-1419
Barbara Cegavske                  775-684-1445
Don Gustavson                    775-684-1480
Elizabeth Halseth                       775-684-1421
Joe Hardy                                    775-684-1462
Ben Kieckhefer                     775-684-1450
Dean Rhoads                            775-684-1447
Michael Roberson                  775-684-1481
James  Settelmeyer                 775-684-1470

Republican Assemblymen:

Pete Goicoechea               775-684-8573
John Ellison                               775-684-8831
Ed Goedhart                         775-684-8805
Tom Grady                                              775-684-8507
John Hambrick                       775-684-8827
Scott Hammond                               775-684-8853
Ira Hansen                                 775-684-8851
Cresent Hardy                            775-684-8857
Pat Hickey                                775-684-8837
Randy   Kirner                              775-684-8848
Kelly Kite                                      775-684-8843
Pete Livermore                      775-684-8825
Richard McArthur                     775-684-8829
Mark Sherwood                   775-684-8839
Lynn Stewart                             775-684-8823
Melissa Woodbury                775-684-8503

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