Monday, February 28, 2011


Submitted by: Debbie Warren

What if the ATF's 'Project Gunwalker' goes much further

How in the hell is it that our Legislators accept being 'blown off' when they attempt to do the job they are bound to do?  I'm sick of the whining and complaining about being locked out of meetings that they had a legal right to attend or being 'unable' to enforce our laws or being 'unable' to get information that they are legally privy to?  How is it that they sit back and 'allow' Holder and the White House to pick and choose who they will and will not prosecute or investigate when our National Security and our general well being are at risk?  When there are obvious problems with criminality and incompetence in essential departments; like border patrol and the ATF?  How are we supposed to just accept their complaints and accept the circumstances in a our system of government?  This is NOT a dictatorship and we have no business letting them get away with this crap while the implications climb up and down our spine and the rage is held in check.
Our Legislative Body has a duty and the legal remedies at their disposal and the people we voted into office in November only have a short time to prove they are worthy.  They have already disappointed and let us down by not using our laws and their power to cut the current Regime off at the knees; thus leaving us with one conclusion: complicity in all that has harmed and continues to threaten our survival.
Isn't is a problem when guns are sold or allowed to walk to a known criminal government and country rife with internal inability to control subversive forces and drug cartels and the killings of tens of thousands of people and those same subversives end up crossing our border with those arms?  Doesn't it raise serious questions when they are observed traversing our land in vehicles with armed personnel and they are not blown to dust?  Is their entry under such circumstances nothing less than armed declaration of war?  Do our forces not have an obligation to react in kind?  Under the current retarded mentality; our defensive forces would hand over a WMD to a terrorist just to see what he might do with it or who he might sell it to.  There is always the probablity that horrific damage will be done; that things will get out of hand and that they will lose track or control of these weapons.  Same mentality sells heroin to a known drug dealer so he can go kill some teenagers with it while they track the progress.  Collateral damage?  In their world, it is mine it is NOT.
People like John Wheeler are murdered...most likely by our 'government' employees (because of what he knew and what he might expose) and yet killing a known dangerous criminal is unacceptable and denies him his 'rights'?  A terrorist is coddled in our courts and given the same rights as a law-abiding citizen of this country?  A criminal Illegal Alien Invader who comes here to steal our rights and our jobs and our citizen entitlements is coddled, given free legal assistance and sustained while he pleads for his 'rights'???  AND WE ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE OUT OF SOME SENSE OF CHARITY or basic human rights?  Don't we already contribute massive amounts of charity to these people?  Wasn't that charity for the PURPOSE of giving them what they need to fight what is destroying their country FOR THEMSELVES?  Or to build up their education and ability to fend for themselves?  That is what we have always been led to believe and what most people still delude themselves to believe because it is more palatable than facing the reality of where that money actually winds up...and for what eventual purpose.  We just keep breaking our backs and paying tribute/extortion money to that criminal machine we call our government.  Fail to follow the instructions of what are government level protection money extortionists; and you become a political prisoner.  Do my statements make me 'anti-government'? Hell no. I, like the average aware citizen who has suffered the ravages personally; am anti-CRIMINAL CORRUPTION whether it exists at the street level or into the deepest reaches of government.
It is not simple paranoia or the result of mere 'conspiracy' theorists.  The evidence is clear. Less probable cause is used to convict low level criminals every day.
"Hitler, Stalin and Mao never killed anyone..."  But the likes of these cowards...including B.Hussein Obama...sit in their ivory towers and gift our money to criminals and smile while decent humanity is decimated to further their personal demented agendas.
Who the hell are these reprobates to tell any leader of any country what they should or should not do with regard to human rights when they are raining chemicals down upon us daily for the purpose of wholesale genocide and doing it with money they extorted from us?
Debbie Warren

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