Monday, February 28, 2011


FCC: Information Superhighway Traffic Cops
As of last week the Federal Communications Commission has unconstitutionally assumed control of the onramp to the information superhighway. You still possess the ignition key to your information superhighway vehicle---your computer, but the ride in the near future may get a little bumpy. You may encounter some detours you didn't expect. And some of your favorite "rest stops" on the information superhighway may suddenly, and unexpectedly, disappear---perhaps even the "rest stop" you created for others to enjoy as they traverse the blogosphere. When that happens, and your own blog becomes a victim of "net neutrality" or some new buzzword already being fashioned, YOU will suddenly realize YOU lost control of your Internet because the United States Congress did NOTHING to stop the FCC when they arbitrarily assumed for themselves the role of caretaker of cyberspace Read More
Drill Baby, Drill... In America
As unrest boils over in the Middle East, the American people are watching what's happening throughout the Muslim world and wondering if they are witnessing the rise of another Ayatollah Khomeini somewhere in the Gulf region, a despot that ultimately will destabilize the free enterprise system not only in the United States, but throughout the free world. This matters because the price of crude oil rises with the temperatures of the times---and times in that region are currently VERY HOT. Read More
Boehner rips bid to regulate Internet
House Speaker John A. Boehner lashed out against efforts to regulate Internet traffic before an audience of evangelical Christian media leaders and pointedly responded to President Obama by comparing the challenge of the burgeoning national debt to the Sputnik-era space race.

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