Monday, February 28, 2011


From the Desk of:
David Martin, Executive Vice President
Media Research Center

The liberal media-fueled protests by pro-union big government forces in Wisconsin are spilling into other states. And the Left is calling this their "Tea Party moment".
The fact is, this is the OPPOSITE of the Tea Party!
After the American people voted for smaller, more responsible government in November, the President, his greedy union supporters, and his faithful friends in the media are doing everything they can to stop any attempt to even slow down the growth of government, and prepare for the 2012 election season!
Wisconsin is ground zero for this effort. Socialist agitators from across the country descended on Madison to march in support of extravagant taxpayer-funded state employee contracts. President Obama's political operation, Organizing for America, is busing in astroturf protesters to help. And the media are tripping over themselves to position these greedy union members and their budget-busting benefits as the poor working people that are being attacked by the big mean Republicans.
If the media are successful in derailing these efforts to get government spending under control in Wisconsin, how will we ever get our federal budget under control?
The MRC is not going to stand by while this fraud is spread by the leftist media!
That's why as this crisis was breaking, our team of researchers and analysts pulled together a report that placed a bright light on what the media are trying to do. We called it a "Media Reality Check" and we sent it to you earlier this week.
We also sent it to conservative news outlets across the country, and it spread like wildfire. It was published in the Wall Street Journal. Fox News covered it. Brent Bozell went on TV multiple times to discuss it. Talk radio shows across the country shared it with their audiences. It was covered by Newsmax, The Washington Times, and many, many others.
That's what we do at the MRC. We dig up the facts. We prove our case with video and printed evidence, and we spread it to our network, so the truth can get out. It's the only way to stop the massive liberal media propaganda machine!
We also launched a national grassroots petition to put the media on notice that we stand ready to challenge and expose their agenda. We have already gathered tens of thousands of signatures on this petition, because Americans are tired of the unholy alliance between the President and the media.
But we must do more.
Perhaps more than any other organization in the nation, the MRC is uniquely qualified and prepared to confront the runaway Leftist media and their insidious role in this statist scheme to ruin our nation!
We have the resources, expertise and commitment to expose and neutralize Obama's biggest ally in this revolt -- the liberal media. Without the media, Obama's big-government, tax-and-spend, spread-the-wealth agenda is dead in the water.
The wave of conservatives sent to Washington and state houses across the country in November is making progress, but the media are helping the far-left fight back. That's not their role. And together, we must stop them!
But to do this, we need your immediate help.
We need to quickly raise $200,000 to effectively counter this offensive by the left-wing media while still maintaining our frontline bias-fighting efforts in other areas of the media.
Lee S, if we don't stop the media from brainwashing the American people about what is happening in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and elsewhere, we'll never restore fiscal sanity to government.
Whether you can make a gift of $20, $35, $50 - or perhaps significantly more -- your tax-deductible gift right now will help the MRC fight back against the Leftist media during this critical time!
This is our mission. This is why we are here right now, and we are depending on friends like you who share our desire for a bias-free media culture where truth and integrity are the standard.
Take action right now and help the MRC break the Obama/Liberal Media alliance that is blocking the progress needed to get our country back on the right track.
Thank you for taking swift action with the MRC.
David Martin
P.S. After reading, alert your conservative friends -- urging them to take action by signing our petition to break this unholy alliance between Obama and the liberal media.

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