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                            Hell is all to real

When I sit down to prepare a Sermon I do so with the materials I have read and intend to utilize as well as having my Bible at my side. Before I place a single word to writing I pray to God. I ask that He guide my thoughts and have me deliver His Word in such a manner so as to gain maximum effectiveness. It is for His cause, not mine, that I deliver these Sermons. I pray that you read these words, pray on them and apply the message as it pertains to you.


The Sermons I deliver are often compiled from the thoughts God gives me as well as the Sermons delivered by men of faith. All words I deliver are those Almighty God reveal and direct that I make known.


Last week I sermonized on Repentance and now want to tell you why. Too many Pastors avoid this as they see God as only a God of love. While God is indeed a God of love, we are directed, actually commanded to always be true to Him and to deny sin the opportunity of getting into our lives. We all sin, you, I, as well as the person in your presence. Jesus Christ died so that we may be forgiven. Do not, by failing to repent of your sins, allow that sacrifice to have been in vain. 


The doctrines of hell are some of the most neglected doctrines in all of Scripture. When Ministers mention hell today, it is most often with derisive tones and ridiculed. It is as if their purpose it to convey that thoughts of hell are old fashioned and naïve and that only ignorant people believe that hell actually exists. Their reason is that they, as well as most men/women, hate the thought of being held accountable for their lives to God. They love the worldliness and actually love sin. Their carnal minds throw up so many objections to the idea of there actually being a hell that they will rarely listen to men of faith that make any mention of that ‘place.’ All too many seem to be thinking, “If I ignore it, maybe it will go away.” Sadly, even some of the most conservative leaders attack the thought of hell. I have witnessed a Minister, a very popular Minister say, on television, “God would not condemn anyone to hell. He is a God of love and compassion and will forgive any sin man might think of or actually commit.”


I implore you, learn these words and spend whatever time you must to learn that the message I deliver is real! Your learning and considerations respecting hell are, without doubt, among the most important thing you will learn of in this lifetime. Men, and I include Ministers, Pastor, Priests, and Elders, seem to clamor and deny hell asking that even the thought of hell be dismissed from any sermon to be delivered.


Ezekiel 33:4 When the watchman sees the enemy coming he blows the alarm to warn the people.


I am that watchman and I implore that you invest the time to read my words and study their meaning. I ask that you realize that your very life, your eternal life, depends on this.


If you ask, “Why should I be concerned about hell?” Well, let me list some reasons for you to consider:


·        Learning about the terrors of hell may shock your conscience and awaken you out of your false security.

·        Learning about hell helps to deter men from committing sin. Both the Godly as well as the ungodly are persuaded not to sin as much as they normally do when they are reminded of hell.

·        Learning of the terrors of hell may help those amongst us that think they are ‘saved’ simply because they believe in Jesus Christ and the Gospels, All too many are not really ‘saved,’ and are on the road to hell and just do not realize that fact.

·        Learning about the false teachings of ‘false Prophets’ that exist amongst us and teach only ‘feel good’ sermons are only making their listeners quicken their pace as they near hell’s gates.


Why are so many in denial of the existence of hell? This question can be asked of not only those amongst you but of many Ministers Pastors, Priests and Elders as well. The answer may be that it is all too convenient to deny that punishment awaits sinners who fail to repent. So many do not want to think of hell and will not attend sermons that tell of its tortures.


Would you be afraid of a lion when it was painted within a picture? I think not. After all, it is only a painting.


But, if you were in the wilds and came face to face with a lion and he growled at you fiercely, would that change anything? You bet it would. You would be literally shaking in your boots! You would be terrified.


We have heard of hell in the Bible. The word ‘hell’ is repeated time and time again within God’s Word. Jesus Christ spoke of hell more than any other subject taught of in the Bible. Does it scare us? I think that hell is seen as that painted lion, just words on paper.


Only the Spirit of God can present the terrors of hell that await the unrepentant sinner. Having never been there I cannot tell you just how much more ‘fierce’ it might be in comparison with the lion in the wild. But, I will relate to you what God has directed me to tell you.


Hell is a furnace of unquenchable fire. Hell is a place of everlasting punishment. Hell is a place where its victims are tormented in both their bodies and their minds. Hell is a place from which God’s mercy and goodness have been withdrawn. Hell is a place where God’s wrath is revealed as a terrifying consuming fire. Hell is a place where men will live with lusts and desires that will never be fulfilled forever and ever. No single drop of water, no ‘cool spot’ for momentary respite, no relief whatever for the damned.


Matthew 13: 49


“That is the way it will be at the end of the world. The angels will come and separate the wicked people from the godly, throwing the wicked into the fire. There will be weeping and the gnashing of teeth. Do you understand?”


These words were spoken by Jesus Christ. He had just completed a parable and explained that parable so as to ensure it was understood. “Throwing the wicked into the fire,” are God’s words, not mine. John the Baptist spoke of “unquenchable fire,” and in the book of Revelation describes hell as “a lake of fire burning with brimstone.”


Can you, or any man, really imagine the horrors of what these words tell of hell mean?


Imagine every part of your body on fire at the same time. Imagine the intense pain of every fiber of your being aflame with a heat so intense you knew would be the death of you yet you could not withdraw from it.  If you were to accidentally touch a glowing coal or a hot stove, you would immediately withdraw and seek to cool your burnt area. But, imagine being in a burning fire and there was no way to withdraw, no way to escape, no relief whatever.  Then imagine the pain of being afire for an entire minute, 15 minutes, an hour, all afternoon, a day, a week, it never ends..never!


Hell is as eternal as heaven. It is, as we are taught, “everlasting.”


No matter how much you struggle, no matter how you fight, no matter what you do the burning continues. Every inch of your body will be subjected to a torture you can only imagine. Every inch!


The ungodly ignorantly dance for joy when they hear sermons that tell of the, “love and mercy of God.” Those ‘feel good’ preachers do nothing to help their followers to gain the heaven that awaits the godly person.  Their teachings only serve to ensure the paths of their congregations to continue to lead to, “weeping and the gnashing of teeth.”


There are all too many descriptions of hell within the Bible to be ignored. There are words that tell us of the judgment to come and we sit happily in our delusion thinking, “I am saved, it won’t happen to me. If that is your thought you had better repent and immediately come to Christ.


As I said earlier, “hell is eternal.” Let’s look at that statement.


Hell will last forever. You may not even comprehend eternity. Just because you cannot conceive eternity does not make it any less real. Imagine being  in a fire, engulfed in the hottest place that is pitch black with the exception of a mountain of sand so high as to allow you to barely see the top. A bird appears and takes a single grain of sand in his beak and flies away. Your pain is so intense you wail in anguish as you realize that bird will only appear every week and when it does, it will only take away another grain of sand! How long do you think you’ll last? Well, you will not have a say in the matter. You are there forever and the pain will not let up.


Matthew 25: 46


“And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go to eternal life”


Just as there is eternal life in hell, there is eternal life in heaven.  Which one would you want for yourself? Your loved ones? Would you want eternal bliss or eternal pain?


‘Feel good,’ preachers, as I call those who do not tell of hell, seek to attract their followers and gain their tithes while giving no thought to anything save their own lifestyles. It is the money alone that they are after and not the souls that God wants. No meaningful food is offered. No mention of the words of the prophets that speak of God’s wrath, no mention of  sinners being, “Thrown into hell,” are voiced by these would-be preachers. After all, they might offend someone and lose a source of money!


Do not think that simply because you go to church, or believe in God or believe intellectually in the truths of Christianity that you will escape hell. I fear that the majority of people that go to church regularly will go to hell. In failing to preach hell and the wide path leading to hell those Feel Good’ gospel speakers are deceiving God’s children! Imagine their punishment that awaits them! God has given ‘special knowledge’ to some and by subverting that knowledge they are subjecting themselves to punishment that exceeds the punishment for the unenlightened! Woe be unto them!


In order to be a true Christian you must adhere to God’s Word. You must read your Bible, you must be concerned about sin, you must be done with the filthy thoughts you have, and you must pray. Pray continually.


Those that think by the kingdom of God consists in a verbal profession of Jesus Christ or intellectually believing that He died for your sins, but who are not living a godly life giving no thought to God except on Sunday, are bound for hell.  They must not delude themselves and believe that Christianity consists of pious words, intellectual beliefs and listening to false teachers. What they must realize and live by are the beliefs in their heart, living for the glory of God and they must live godly lives. They must reflect the fact that by accepting Christianity that their lives have been changed by God and obey His Word. They must cease their living of ways that are disobedient to His laws.


Repent of your sins and turn to Jesus Christ as you surrender to Him as Lord. Listen to and live by His Word. Live the life of a mature Christian as you flee from sin and tell all that you meet to do likewise. You don’t have to stand on a street corner to profess your Christianity but you do have to live like one. Do not live only for yourself and earthly pleasures. Do not seek temptations, they will find you and you must overcome those same temptations.


I do not think that anyone can be scared into heaven, but I do believe that they can be scared away from hell. I also believe that many can be truly saved if they will seek God with all of their hearts and beg Christ for His everlasting mercy.


You, as a mature Christians and I as a Minister, have the responsibility to pray for and work for the salvation of sinners before an awful punishment is bestowed upon them for their misdeeds. The Words of God, “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself,” must be present in our minds.


There will be no time left for you after you die. Your lot will have been cast. The self satisfaction and self deceiving you practiced here on earth will have decided your fate. You will have wasted your time and your life. Make your decision today. Make it right now. Our God is an awesome God and we must live for Him, not against His Word.


Remember God’s love will never die but you must also remember, neither will His wrath. Eternity is forever and you shall never die. Will you be there, in His presence? I pray so.


  (Closing prayer) 


Lord, I know that I am a sinner. I am weak and I need your help. I know that I have sinned and grieved You. I am sorry for my sins and beg your forgiveness. I will do my best to live a life that will be a life dedicated to You and Your direction. I will not live the life of one that only says, “I am a Christian,” I will live my life as a true Christian.  You will be ever in my heart and in my mind. Save me from the pains of hell. At the time of my earthly death take me to paradise and grant me peace.


This I pray in the name of Jesus Christ who is one with You and The Holy Spirit.


Amen, amen and amen

Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr
God's Word Christian Ministry
Conservative Patriot

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