Saturday, January 21, 2023


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Dear Conservatives,

As you’ve probably seen by now, several officials have announced they are looking into Project Veritas’ videos exposing Teaching Lab’s Dr. Quintin Bostic and his claims about secretly sneaking Critical Race Theory into school curriculums.

I had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Bostic just a few days ago, where he DOUBLED DOWN on most of his statements captured on undercover video.

You can watch my conversation with Dr. Bostic by CLICKING HERE.

Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 2.27.37 PM.png

The story has gained so much traction that even more local and national media outlets are reporting on the fallout.

Here are some of the latest headlines:

Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 2.36.03 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 2.37.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 2.37.54 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 2.41.35 PM.png

This story has everyone talking about it, regardless of perceived ideology.

It’s safe to say that Project Veritas’ journalistic mission was accomplished with this investigation – and we have a lot more impactful news reports to come soon…

Stay Tuned,

James O’Keefe

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