Saturday, January 21, 2023



What I’m Doing Here: Another Boomer’s Journey

A year ago I adopted the practice of penning a piece on what I’m trying to accomplish with my writing, whether here or generally. This is in the interest of transparency, given that people are supporting my work with small donations. They deserve to know what they are getting.

By Steven Yates

Women, Life, Freedom

The brave women of Iran will shine forever as beacons of hope and a source of inspiration to those across the world who struggle for justice, equality, and liberty. This is the final scene. This is do-or-die. Nothing less than a subversion of this regime and recapture of Iran will stop these warriors.

By Amil Imani

When Will ‘Woke’ Come Crashing Down?

There’s always some tyrant, some cabal, who wants to rule the world: it’s a dynamic of history. Some get farther than others, but none has ever reached the finish line. Every form of crime and cruelty has been enlisted for that purpose. It’s no different now. The technology changes, new crimes are invented, but the dynamic is the same.

By Lee Duigon

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